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Weekly Update.

– Back up in this bitch: The short of it is that I took a break due to (or as Harter loves putting it: “doo doo”) travel and then that break extended much longer than I had originally planned. For that: I do not apologize. I do offer a peace offering:

On the left is a pornstar named April, who is on Twitter and loves showing her tits. Worth mentioning. This is her Tumblr (where above pic is from), which features titties, Daleks, and seemingly good times. The other girl is named Samantha Saint and is also in porn and on Twitter, but doesn’t tweet pics like April.

– Boxing: A whole bunch of shit went down, but basically we learned that Manny Pacquiao would not stand a chance against Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; that Oscar De La Hoya loves blow and wearing women’s lingerie; that Andre Ward is the best super middleweight and fighter of 2011; that Mayweather might spend 90 days in jail; and that it’s not only corrupt politicians in D.C., it’s also the boxing referees.  (ESPN)

– Achilles: According to a study, there have been “two to five times” more Achilles ruptures in the NFL this season. The average is between four and ten ruptures in a season and, with three games left, there have already been 20 ruptures this year. Scientists blame the lockout and worry for NBA players. (Did you know that “Achilles tendon ruptures normally strike veteran players who have been playing in the NFL for an average of six years”? Now you do.)  (Discovery)

– Rebellion: How it works:  (Dilbert)

– Always Sunny: Remember the episode when the gang drank wine out of a can? Now you can, too:  (Carpe Diem)

– I know Kung Fu: Researchers at Boston University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, have found a way to manipulate your brainwaves so you learn faster and retain that knowledge better. Mind control? Perhaps:  (Discovery)

“We found that subjects were not aware of what was to be learned while behavioral data obtained before and after the neurofeedback training showed that subjects’ visual performance improved specifically for the target orientation,” Watanabe said.

– NBA Uniforms: Get the rundown of all the changes at Paul Lukas’ (of Uni Watch) ESPN article. But there are several things to point out. First, the Heat will wear black on black (on black) for “important” home games this year (they’re shiny again):

The Knicks did the opposite and got rid of the black in their logo, while the Kings will showcase a new black alternate. Oh, and please vote for “B. Franklin Dogg” to be the new Sixers mascot, which is a terrible idea. The Blazers will rep “Rip City” on March 18th, which is a great idea. And finally, the Raptors have psuedo-3D logos underneath the baskets on their court. Pretty cool, yet weird.  (ESPN)

– The Roots: The new album, undun, is not terrible. Fourteen tracks, but really only 9 songs (unless you like orchestra shit with your rap). Billed as a concept album, the album focuses on street life and how shitty it is for young black males, specifically for one black male, because no rap song has ever touched on that subject. Tracks two through seven are all good, then a shitty chorus kills track 8 (“Lighthouse”) for me. Hey, if you can’t swizzim then you’re gonna drizzown.

– I just like this headline: Artificial Intestines Near Reality“.  (Discovery)

– NeverWet: This spray-on substance means your shit stays dry and stain free. Unbelievably stain free:  (Carpe Diem)

– Krista Ayne: Over Monday, December 19th, and Tuesday, the 20th, 252 people found this site by searching for “krista ayne” on the internet. Most wound up on this update, which features Krista prominently and I highly recommend you check her out. Here’s a pic from her Twitter page:

Also worth noting that during the same time-frame, two people found this site by searching for “asshole,” and one found this site by searching for “taint sex.” Ah, you don’t care, so go look at this ass shot of hers (great ass, terrible photo, otherwise I’d post it).

– Blackboards in Porn: Here’s a site that critiques blackboards that are showcased in pornos. Really wish it was more not safe for work, but dude must have found the only PG pics from the pornos.  (Wired)

– “A kill switch for viruses”: A man with PhDs in electrical engineering and computer science has developed a drug that seeks out bad cells and forces them to commit suicide. He has had the drug work in the lab on “dengue fever, a stomach virus, and a polio virus,” among others. To wit’ing like a motherfucker:

To create [the drug], Rider combined two proteins commonly found in the human body. One binds to viral double-stranded ribonucleic acid, a type of molecule found in all viruses. The other induces apoptosis, which is essentially programmed cell suicide. The drug acts like a homing missile that seeks out and kills cells infected by a virus. It appears to have few negative consequences and works against all diseases, even as they mutate.

Pretty impressive shit, if I do say so myself.  (Dad)

– A vaccine for prostate cancer: In what is described as “preliminary but promising,” Mayo Clinic “researchers and collaborators from the UK have apparently cured mice with well-established prostate tumors with no visible side effects via a new kind of tumor vaccine.” They expect the vaccine to work for other cancers as well. So who wants to argue that life expectancy will decrease in the coming years?  (PopSci)

– Nose candy: Want to get high through your nose? May be coming to a drugstore near you, if you live in Germany.  (Wooten)

– Ah, Twitter: Alexis Ford, pornstar, recently received new breasts and she’s rather proud. She shows them here:

She captioned that one “drunk horney (sic) all of the above”

She also asks you to “motor boat these tits”:

But while her tit pics are also welcomed, it is this tweet that sums her up nicely:

If I had a dick I would pull it out and piss on sum bitches

– That’s it? Yup. Unless you want to read an Op-Ed from an owner of a construction company bitch about people on unemployment (Carpe Diem), or see what light looks at a trillion frames per second (PopSci), or hear Shit Black Girls Say (The Daily What), or read how strawberries protect your stomach when drinking (Gizmodo), then I guess it isn’t.

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