• ?uestlove’s SwiftFM Page – is like ?uestlove’s (drummer for the Roots) personal radio station.  He typically plays songs that have been sampled, rare studio tracks from the Roots or other projects, and sometimes he goes on a teaching spree (posting songs he thinks everyone should hear if they like music).
  • Abram Plaut – friend of mine from Zona, lives in Japan now and has a blog with some really cool pictures of Japan.  Oh, and ‘Bram will readily admit that he fell in love with Japan because of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Sorry McCarthy, but I think you’ve met your competition.
  • Andy Bardon Photography – Grew up with this kid in the bustling city of Chatham, New Jersey.  He does great photography, especially of outdoor activities.  Like hanging from a mountain.
  • Arizona Webcam – A camera atop the Gould-Simpson building at the University of Arizona.  90% of the time you’ll see clear skies.
  • Babar’s House – A site for Archer and Frisky Dingo, both of which you should watch.
  • Boing Boing – One of the most popular blogs on the web.  If it isn’t on here, it probably isn’t interesting.
  • Dan Ahdoot – My brother’s friend from college who is a stand-up comedian, and a good one at that.  Here’s a clip of him talking about dating indecisive girls.
  • Dan Rafael – A good boxing writer who sums up each weekend nicely and is ESPN’s main boxing writer.
  • Engadget – Good tech site, worth checking every now and then.  Great for product reviews.
  • Gizmodo – A tech site that overloads with postings.  Believe me, if you follow me on Google Reader or read the updates weekly, not too much need to go here.  Also does a good job of product reviews.
  • Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls – A website that posts pictures of Brazilian girls.  What else you want me to say?
  • Gamespot – A well-respected video game review site.  I trust them over others.
  • Grapes The Wine Company – My brother’s friend Daniel Posner’s wine company.  My parents order from him a lot.
  • LaureBelle and the Hen – My friend’s blog about what she enjoys.  You should enjoy it, too.
  • Mao’s Football – A great site for the other football with updates on kits and matches, especially EPL.
  • Metacritic – A site similar to Rotten Tomatoes, but they average scores from as many reviews (if not all) that they can find using a scale to 100.  This contrasts to Rotten, which just takes a “yay” or “nay”.
  • Muralo – The best, longest lasting paint there is.  If it isn’t sold at your local hardware/paint store, demand it.
  • RealClear Markets/Politics/Sports – RealClear will scour the internet and post the best opinion articles, transcripts, and op-eds and post them in one location for you.
  • New York Newcomer – Heidi’s blog where she details what she loves and what she hates about NYC.
  • NJ Beer Co. – New Jersey Beer Company.  McCarthy is going to be working.
  • Strip Tease Clock – A website that has women show you what time it is.  Some are less dressed than others, and most aren’t the best thing to look at, unfortunately.
  • T.A.G. (The Artists’ Group) – Wooten’s friend’s studio/design company.  They got you covered for your wedding albums, invites, logos, and menus.
  • Texts From Last Night – A compilation of texts people received.  Some really funny, some lame, in all honesty if you follow me on Reader you’ll see the best ones.
  • The World’s Best Ever – A good site for design, cool pics, fashion, graffiti, and more.
  • The Ring – The Bible of Boxing.
  • The Roof Walkers – ERK!’s band, formerly Memphis & The Howard James, formerly Four Homos and a Gay (not really, but that’s what we called his previous band).  ERK! rocks the bass.
  • Uni Watch – The Bible of Uniforms.  Seriously, most uniform stuff I post on here this guy (Paul Lukus) found first.  Also, if you read his daily posts you’ll see I’m basically jacking his style.
  • Who Sampled – Heard a song you know sounds like a rap song?  Search for it here and see who sampled it.  Right now the database is light but still worth a visit.
  • Wiki – Wikipedia: The Lazy Man’s Encyclopedia.
  • WordPress – the host of my site, so yes, I’m ass-kissing.

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