A list of charities supplied by you (email to add one)

  • Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation: Because ain’t it about the kids?  About | Donate
  • Harlem’s Children Zone: An outstanding project that has results.  About | Donate
  • The Branden Lombardi Foundation: A friend’s foundation that seeks to improve “the quality of life for cancer patients today.”  About | Donate
  • Shelter for the Homeless: For homeless in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  About | Donate
  • Hoboken Shelter: For homeless in Hoboken, Jersey.  About | Donate
  • YAI: Help the mentally disabled.  About | Donate
  • ASPCA: For your dogs, dawg.  About | Donate
  • Playing For Change: Using music to make a difference.  About | Donate
  • Project Wave Of Optimism: Help the surfing regions of Latin America. About | Donate
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Usually you can sponsor someone in a run/marathon, but I’ve linked to their donation page.  About | Donate
  • Trees, Water, & People: Protect the environment, help the poor.  Birds meet stone.  About | Donate
  • Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Everybody knows someone who has or had cancer.  About | Donate
  • Kiva: Micro-economics, micro-lending, whatever you want to call it’s a good thing.  Make a profit while changing lives.  About | Loan
  • MDA: Help Jerry’s kids.  About | Donate
  • The Innocence Project: Help free the wrongly accused.  About | Donate
  • USA Cares: Help protect the people that risk their lives for you.  About | Donate
  • Jewish World Watch: Provides solar cookers to women in Darfur so the women don’t have to leave camp.  About | Donate
  • Children’s Tumor Foundation: Help children suffering from neurofibromatosis.  About | Donate

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