This site started from emails I would send The Marks (Mark Bunker, Mark Harter, Mark Lee) that would update them on stuff they might have missed throughout the week.  I try to avoid major topics and if I do touch on them it would be what’s overlooked, usually at least.  After The Marks shared the email to their girlfriends, and I shared the email to my brother and dad, there was a push for me to start a site and this is the result.

This site would not have been possible if not for my mom and dad (I wouldn’t be here, duh), my brother (the final push), and the ones who put this in my head: Mark^3 (Bunk, Harter, Lee).

(You see what I just did there?  Tell me that’s not the most uncontroversial thank you?  Mom then dad then brother then alphabetical order for my friends?  You cannot argue against that order.)

Feel free to send interesting stuff to blakesupdate@gmail.com.

2 responses to “About

  1. eric cartman

    So that weeklu update you do will run here?

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