Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Paul Williams over Erislandy Lara was the second worst decision I’ve ever seen. Lara dominated Williams and should have gotten an unanimous decision, instead Williams won on 2 out of three scorecards. All three judges were suspended indefinitely. Still, watching Evander Holyfield cower in the corner for what seems like more than three rounds against Lennox Lewis to earn a draw in 1999 will always be the worst decision to me.

– iHit: That’s just an iPhone case, man. No, man, you can like, smoke it. Man.:  (Ces)

– Carry a big fork: And eat lightly. In one study, patrons ate less when eating with a big fork than with a small one. (The Daily What)

– Space, the final frontier: Literally. Because going to Mars could kill you, thanks to “[s]pace radiation, microgravity and psychological implications”.  (Discovery)

– A urinal for chicks: It’s only a concept. A creepy concept:  (Gizmodo)

– Urineade: Nothing like a urinal to lead into a new drink. In fact, this piece ties up the previous two, since NASA is working on a sports drink made from urine. (And that’s how you let the post build, beeeeaatch!)  (Wired)

– Make money smoking cigarettes: Some dude will buy one pound of cigarette butts for $3. If you’re wondering, about 1,500 cancer sticks make one pound. Hey, I didn’t say make a profit smoking cigarettes. (Carpe Diem)

– Smart chimps: If you’ve been falling for some of the viral marketing for Rise of the Planet of the Apes like an asshole (Ces), then I’m sorry for you. But real primates are still smart, whether it’s a chimpanzee that was “hoarding stones and making discs from concrete so he could hurl them at visitors” or another disarming snare traps. Read about the real ones here, then watch the fake ones here.  (New Scientist)

– Kung Fu Volleyball: What else would you call it:  (Wooten)

– Obligatory space pic: Of an aurora:  (Wired)

– Bill Gates: This is a great interview with Bill Gates, a smart man. Also a rich man and a man who really cares where this planet and its people are going. He doesn’t care much for solar panels (he blames the heat of them), but when asked if the Gates would put solar panels on their roof, he replied:

Oh, we like to be cute like everyone. For rich people, this is OK. Rich people can do whatever they want.

You’re damn right, Bill. Not doing whatever you want is for poor people.  (Wired)

– Mind power: Brain implants could help people control artificial limbs in the near future. Their own limbs, not yours. That’d be weird.  (Discovery)

– Florida is fucked: “Hey everyone, I’m having a party. Oh, no one can go in the master bedroom, though.” We’ve all heard those words. But a teen in Florida is charged with murdering his parents and then having a party. The guests were unaware since the parents’ bedroom was locked.  (Reuters)

– Subwaymart: The Tesco in South Korea (should probably just say Korea, but food and technology do not exist in North Korea) setup a virtual market in the subway. Take a pic of the QR code to order food to your door:  (Kornfeld)

– She needs to clean more: That’s one nasty belly button, if that thing is coming out of it:  (Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls)


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2 responses to “Weekly Update.

  1. Kornfeld

    Re: Kung-Fu Soccer
    It’s actually called Sepak Takraw. The Onion did a spoof on it back in 2008 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pn9cEsjv1w)

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