Weekly Update.

(EDIT: I originally had “latex max” below. My dad axed me to change it.)

– Boxing: Nothing until May 7th’s Pacquiao versus Mosley, with an uninteresting undercard, like so many other Top Rank fights. Fuck you, Bob Arum.

– Mythbusters: In theory you could die from blue ice falling out of planes (aka frozen shit, urine, and toilet water) and you can also shoot a gun across a floor (and sand or gravel). Mission: Impossible never fooled anybody with a latex mask and Jason Bourne definitely didn’t blow up a house in around thirty seconds by burning a magazine in a toaster. If he took the right amount of time, however, he would have blown that fucker up. (That would entail using a better ignition source, letting the gas build up more, and setting up fans to get the right amount of air flow.) When it comes to a bomb’s shockwave, a table, a car, or a dumpster will all protect you at the furthest “death zone” (this means 10 feet from 3 pounds of C4, for example). Lastly, there’s no such thing as “liquid mountaineering“, but you knew you can’t walk on water.

– Media is so unbiased: “White House Assails Pakistan Effort on Militants,” said the New York Times. “U.S. Dials Back Criticism of Pakistan,” said the Wall Street Journal. The main difference seems to be that the WSJ says this:

The previous report, issued in September, bluntly accused Pakistan of avoiding “military engagements that would put it in direct conflict with Afghan Taliban or al Qaeda forces in North Waziristan,” and said “this is as much a political choice as it is a reflection of an under-resourced military prioritizing its targets.”

And the NYT says this about previous reports:

In the past, the administration has praised the Pakistani efforts to carry out offensive operations against Taliban and other insurgents in six of the seven tribal areas — all except North Waziristan — but has chided the civilian government and military high command to do more.

Either way, they could technically both be right. You can dial back criticism and still assail someone. 9 is loud, but a dial back from 10 (these go to 11).

– Mac users are douches: PC users prefer Pepsi, Jolt Cola, and Orange Crush; Mac users prefer San Pellegrino Limonata. PC users prefer heroes and patty melts; Mac users prefer hummus. Ugh. Click here for the infograph. (And yes, I use a Mac. I’m just not a dick about it.)  (Geekologie)

– Bianca La Russa: Tony’s daughter is now a Raiderette. Good for her:

And here’s a Google Image search for you, but it devolves pretty fast into Tony only pics.  (Bunk)

– How not to attract companies: Groups in D.C. are trying to get Walmart to sign a “community benefits agreement,” which includes a stipulation that Walmart “not ask job applicants about previous criminal convictions”. I love that one. Read the rest of the demands here.  (Carpe Diem)

– Underwater milestones: This shitty photo:

Is the first underwater color photo. See more underwater photo milestones here at NatGeo.  (Gizmodo)

– El Teide: Someone went up to Spain’s highest mountain and shot this sweet video:  (The World’s Best Ever)

– The End: I really wish I had more to put here, but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me, in life and at work, so I don’t have much to share. Unless you’d like to hear, well, read me bitch. I think I can put one more thing here…:

Brooklyn Decker in black and white never hurt. Especially topless.  (Working Stiff 925)

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