Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Sergio Martinez showed why he is one of the top pound-for-pound fighters by beating Sergiy Dzinziruk. No, I cannot pronounce this motherfucker’s name. Anyway, the guy Sergio beat the shit out of was supposed to be this great technical fighter who had never been knocked down. Sergio knocked his ass down all right, ending the fight in eight rounds. Also, the undercard was spectacular as Andy Lee was getting beat the whole fight (even HBO’s crew was wondering if they would stop it) until the 10th round where he dropped Craig McEwan. Two good fights, worth watching the whole replay if you see it.

– How would you react? You’re filling up your tanker and shit! A fire breaks out. Would you hop into said tanker and drive an inferno? I’d probably duck behind someone and watch everything burn the fuck up:  (The Daily What)

– Fucking racists: In case you were wondering, it isn’t racist to ask the audience at a sold out movie theater to turn their phones off. That’s according to the Delaware Supreme Court, link hurr. Unfortunately the Delaware State Human Relations Commission did think it was racist, hence the courts getting involved.  (Coyote Blog)

– Brass wedding ring: Did you buy a wedding ring yet, Bunk? Mark Lee? Just saying, it’d be cool if Jaime and Sharon had matching brass knuckle rings:  (The World’s Best Ever)

– The Sun: Very nice shot of that hotness. Astonishing, even:  (Wooten)

– Are you easily manipulated? Find out here. I’d tell you more about the test in the video, but I think what I knew prior ruined it for me (I’m not susceptible at all, boosh!).  (New Scientist)

– Fallout: Here’s what to do in case your local nuclear power plant has a meltdown. I always thought you just duck and cover.  (Discovery)

– Bug life: I strongly believe that two ways to end starvation is to genetically modify the shit out of foods (to the point that we’re growing food in the desert) and to have people eat insects. Yum. My thought was always that it has to be mad cheap to “farm” bugs and that a family could have their own tank of food in their apartment. Then my dad sent me this article in the NY Times. This snippet hurt the most:

His brother sees an obstacle other than distaste — price.

“Wholesale, insects are similar in price to beef now,” Roland van de Ven said, citing the labor-intensive farming methods used. “Locusts are more like caviar.”

Margot Calis, 62, who works with her daughter Marieke on the farm, which employs 10 people, agreed. “The price of insects is much too high,” she said. “There is lots of manual labor involved, and it is too expensive.”

What the fuck you mean there is a lot of manual labor? For fucking bugs? (I’m using “fucking” as an adjective there, not a verb, sicko.) Anyway, I guess my dream of poor people growing their own cockroaches for dinner is not right around the corner.  (Dad)

– This’ll fix it: How to make one of the worst ghettos better? Install a gondola. That’s what Rio de Janeiro wants to do with the favelas:  (Wired)

– Nice headline: Butts waives hearing in Boob murder case.”  (Dad)

– More boobs: Mom – can you knit like this:  (The Daily What)

– How to make pot brownies like a pastry chef: These look tasty:  (The World’s Best Ever)

– Sorry: I know this is a short one and that it’s Wednesday so I’m late. I’d write more, but there is a terrible, turrible, band playing outside. I don’t even know what song they are trying to play, but the bassist missed notes in the opening riff and was speeding up and slowing down. Now some guy is garbling into the microphone. Ooo, sweet cymbal crash. Almost timed it with the singer’s scream. “Let me hear YOU!!” was just shouted followed by a smattering of applause. Now they are playing Collective Soul’s “Shine”, and that made me remember how good of an album Collective Soul is. So there, this horrendous band did something good tonight.

– Here are some titties: Because boobs got mentioned enough above:  (Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls)


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