Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Boxing: Timothy Bradley won an unanimous technical decision over Devon Alexander on Saturday night.  Technical decision means the fight was stopped before the 12th round, in this case due to a headbutt.  Bradley had been headbutting Alexander throughout the match, creating a cut on Alexander’s right eye in the 3rd,  and at one point in the 10th Bradley’s head hit the left side of Alexander’s face, reopening up the cut on his right eye and a new cut on his left.  Alexander didn’t really argue when the doctor and ref decided to stop the fight.

But I have sadder news.  Emmanuel “The Drunken Master” Augustus was jobbed again, once more fighting in the opponent’s hometown.  Here’s Dan Rafael’s summary, found on his weekend roundup:

If this is the way it is going to end for Augustus, who said before the fight that he was considering retirement, it was probably appropriate that it happened this way — in a fight that he took on about two weeks’ notice and fought well in. He entertained the crowd but lost a highly questionable decision in his opponent’s hometown. All you need to know about this one is that Paris, 23, is from Detroit and the hometown fans were booing the decision that went against Augustus, 36, of Brownsville, Texas.

Augustus threw a lot of punches, seemed to have Paris off-balance quite a bit and had the crowd roaring when he started dancing to the arena music between rounds and later when he put on his signature “drunken master” moves during a couple of rounds. He’s a showman for sure.

Here’s your obligatory Augustus highlight reel:

– The Super Bowl: That big game is coming up.  Here’s the starting lineup for Puppy Bowl VIII.  Study up so you know where to put your money come Sunday.  Watch out for Koda and Big Red, though.  (The Daily What)

– New unis for Zona: Plenty of pictures of the white unis here.  Here is the back:

And here’s the front:

More info can be found here.

– Um, the fuck? Here’s a random video for you:  (Wooten)

– America, fuck yeah: Did you know our poorest 5% are richer than 68% of the world?  That includes this gem “America’s poorest are, as a group, about as rich as India’s richest.”  That’s fucking awesome.  Also awesome?  Did you know we’re still the leading manufacturer of goods by a shit-ton?  That’s an actual measurement, a shit-ton.  Look:

You gonna doubt the United Nations?  (Carpe Diem)

– Photos into film: Some creative types took some still shots and made them into movies.  Looks cool, my friends who take photos should try it (manual here):  (Gizmodo)

– Does my face say “Easy Mac”? Kraft, via Intel, has a vending machine that reads your face and feeds you what it thinks you want.  It scans your face to determine age and gender, then uses what it finds to pump out some fat people food.  Luckily, Kraft doesn’t do fried chicken, so they should be avoiding a couple lawsuits here.  (Gearlog)

– Was Denzel driving? Part of me wants to see the guy get hit for being so fucking stupid, but then other part would feel bad for the driver who would agonize over hitting the dumbass.  What?  You thought I’d feel bad for the dead idiot?  You don’t know me:  (Gizmodo)

– Lightning and volcanoes: Together again.  This time in Japan:

Looks as destructive as it most likely is.  Also, it looks badass.  (Boing Boing)

– 3D just won’t work: At least according to this film editor who sent a letter to Roger Ebert.  His beef is that the screen is a set feet away, so our eyes meet there, however, the images fool our brain into thinking they are further away.  Our brains are not optimized for this trick, hence complaints of headaches.  (Gizmodo)

– The weed catapult: I’m sure you’ve heard about it, hope you’ve seen it.  Here:  (Wooten)

– The Marks’ Financial Update:

  • MDH – Harter continues his tear, moving from $2.69 to close out at $2.93 on the 28th.  Typically Harter has some ups and downs, even during strong weeks, but the start of this year has been pretty much all up days for the last Mark standing in Hoboken.  So far he has an early (and boy is it early) lead for back-to-back yearly performance, let’s hope he doesn’t falter.
  • MAB – Bunk had a two-week period that is usually reserved for Harter.  In a three day span he went up 25 cents, then down 40 cents then right back up 45 cents to close at $13.21, up from his previous $12.50.  I thought this year was all about settling down for Bunk?  Guess he still has some growing to do.
  • MFL – Someone is looking to turn this fucker around.  After being on the downswing for months, Mark starts making the push as he went from $11.92 to $12.50, putting him right back to his 2010 closing price.  Heading into his birthday month, he better start putting some solid weeks together to keep this momentum going.

– Notes on the site: As always, feel free to send anything you find interesting to blakesupdate@gmail.com.  I’m also never afraid to pull from Facebook postings or Tweets (follow my lame ass at jblake33).  And, as always, thanks for coming here.

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