Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Go Bowling: Virginia Tech will wear these orange helmets for the, uh… Orange Bowl:

Arizona will be wearing new blue helmets in the Alamo Bowl everyone is waiting for (you can just barely make out the red and white stripes on the helmet):  (Uni Watch)

– “6 foot 7 foot”: Eight foot bunch! (Bass drop.)  Who the fuck samples the “Banana Boat Song“?  Lil Wayne, that’s who.  His new song “6 foot 7 foot” is a banger and something I’d love to play in McCarthy’s car outside my parents’ shore house so my dad can call us assholes.  Again.  And women, if you were wondering how Lil Wayne would treat you, he promises “I never met the bitch, but I’d fuck her like I missed her.”  Romantic, no?  (Lil Wayne performed the song on SNL this week, and he surprisingly kept it clean.  Mostly.  More so than I’d expect out of Lil Wayne.  Good performance, too.)  (The World’s Best Ever)

– That’s real useful: Here’s a stupid video of a dog that can cross his eyes.  I’m just curious as to how the owner trained the dog to do it:  (The Daily What)

– Time-lapse: Here’s a time-lapse video of the snow removal job done for the University of Minnesota in preparation for Monday Night’s NFL game (Vikes/Bears).  (NFL PR Guy’s Twitter)

– Top ten: NY Times released their “Pop Top 10“.  Rick Ross has the album of the year while Waka Flocka Flame has the top song.  Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber make appearances as well, in case you thought it was rap.  (NY Times)

– LEDs and skateboards: It’s a cool concept from Buzzy Sullivan, surprised it hasn’t been done more:

Go here to see even more shots from this series.  (Tim Is Busy’s Twitter)

– Econ and Seinfeld: The “Economics of Seinfeld” is a real site that teaches economic concepts, like moral hazard, using scenes from Seinfeld.  (Carpe Diem)

– What does salvia do? Hopefully you’ve seen Miley Cyrus high as fuck after taking a bong rip, but just in case you doubt her drug of choice (her team swears it was salvia and not weed), science is here to help.  Some scientists conducted a study with four volunteers with experience in hallucinogens.  Here’s what they described:

As doses increased across sessions, volunteers reported stronger and stronger hallucinations, which included cartoonlike images, revisiting childhood memories and contact with an entity. “With this drug, at its peak intensity, people describe popping out and visiting a completely different world. Some people say it seems like another dimension or maybe the spirit world,” Johnson says. “They report these very profound experiences in these highly altered states of consciousness.”

Sign me up.  The scientists think salvia could be used for better pain treatment, as well as to help settle schizophrenics and those suffering from Alzheimer’s.  (Discovery News)

– Learn Flemish: Flemish is the name of the dialect for Dutch-speaking Belgians.  That’s not important.  What is important is that the most popular Flemish word in 2010 was “Tentsletje”, which means tent-slut.  To wit:

“The term “Tentsletje” is actually an official one, defined in Flemish dictionaries, as youth slang for “a girl on a festival meadow who has sexual intercourse with different men in her tent”.

The second most popular was “pedopriester”, which is exactly what you think it is.  (Dad)

– Boiling water in freezing temps: If it’s below freezing outside, then you should take some water and boil it.  Then open your door and throw that boiling water into the air.  This will happen:

– A shit transplant: In order to fight a deadly bacteria, C-diff, doctors are starting to take healthy people’s shit and shove it up sick people’s asses.  That previous sentence sounds way better than this one:

Now a small but growing number of doctors are trying a last-ditch treatment: Using good bacteria to fight off the bad by transplanting stool from a healthy person into the sick person’s colon.

I’m just curious how the body rejects a bad transplant in this scenario.  (Dad)

– Astro-ice: We already had astroturf, then fieldturf for grass sports, so why not a synthetic ice for hockey rinks?  It costs $599,000 to install, which beats the $1 million plus for a refrigeration unit.  The first full size rink was installed up in Canada, eh, by an aboriginal community in Fort Chipewyan.  (NY Times)

– The sky: Been awhile since I posted a space pic.  So here’s two stars merging:  (Discovery News)

– LA football stadium: AEG really wants to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles and has announced the three final designs for the stadium.  This one was done by Gensler (though I doubt ERK! helped):  (Sam Farmer’s Twitter)

– Tis the season: Head over to the Charities section to donate to a worthy cause.  If you have any others you think should be included, please email me.  As of this posting, these are the ones I have listed:

  • Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation: Because ain’t it about the kids?  About | Donate
  • Harlem’s Children Zone: An outstanding project that has results.  About | Donate
  • The Branden Lombardi Foundation: A friend’s foundation that seeks to improve “the quality of life for cancer patients today.”  About | Donate
  • Shelter for the Homeless: For homeless in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  About | Donate
  • Hoboken Shelter: For homeless in Hoboken, Jersey.  About | Donate
  • YAI: Help the mentally disabled.  About | Donate
  • ASPCA: For your dogs, dawg.  About | Donate
  • Playing For Change: Using music to make a difference.  About | Donate
  • Project Wave Of Optimism: Help the surfing regions of Latin America. About | Donate
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Usually you can sponsor someone in a run/marathon, but I’ve linked to their donation page.  About | Donate
  • Trees, Water, & People: Protect the environment, help the poor.  Birds meet stone.  About | Donate
  • Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Everybody knows someone who has or had cancer.  About | Donate
  • Kiva: Micro-economics, micro-lending, whatever you want to call it’s a good thing.  Make a profit while changing lives.  About | Loan
  • MDA: Help Jerry’s kids.  About | Donate
  • The Innocence Project: Help free the wrongly accused.  About | Donate
  • USA Cares: Help protect the people that risk their lives for you.  About | Donate
  • Jewish World Watch: Provides solar cookers to women in Darfur so the women don’t have to leave camp.  About | Donate
  • Children’s Tumor Foundation: Help children suffering from neurofibromatosis.  About | Donate


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2 responses to “Weekly Update.

  1. Erk

    Why doubt that I am capable of designing some little football stadium?

  2. I never doubted your capability, but rather Gensler’s trust in pawning off a billion dollar stadium to someone as young as you.

    (And I’m glad this response was the 100th comment. Yay me.)

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