Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Paul Williams got knocked the fuck out on Saturday night by Sergio Martinez.  Watch it here on YouTube before it gets yanked by HBO.  Andre Berto fights this coming Saturday, the 27th, on the Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis undercard.  This was supposed to be back-to-back weekends of watching 2 of my top 3 favorite boxers win, but Paul kinda fucked that up.  Hopefully Berto doesn’t disappoint.

– TSA stands for Touchie… Susies… Authority, wait, don’t go with that: If you’re being a little bitch about the new full body scanners where even toothpick Angelina Jolie looks like a big fucking grey blob, then go to this site to buy fig leaf underwear that covers your junk even in x-ray.  (Discovery)

– Four Lokos homebrew: Don’t fret about this gem going away, just grab five (5) watermelon Jolly Ranchers, one (1) caffeine pill, one (1) can of Monster Energy Drink, one (1) can of Sprite, and one (1) 40-ounce bottle of St. Ides.  In one (and only?) study, 3 out of 5 preferred the homemade.  (The World’s Best Ever)

– Putting my art, and your kid’s art, to shame: Here’s a three-year-old’s finger paintings that are ridic (and cute!):  (Geekologie)

– Maybe Van Gogh was from space…: Here’s the overhead shot of Gotland, which clearly you know is a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea:

The picture is from 2005, and has this description from the folks at NASA:

In the style of Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night,” massive congregations of greenish phytoplankton swirl in the dark water around Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. Phytoplankton are microscopic marine plants that form the first link in nearly all ocean food chains. Population explosions, or blooms, of phytoplankton, like the one shown here, occur when deep currents bring nutrients up to sunlit surface waters, fueling the growth and reproduction of these tiny plants.

I bet fishing was good there for days after.  (Gizmodo)

– And then there’s this: So plants look lovely until lava comes along.  Then they look like this:

This destruction is from the Merapi volcano in Indonesia.  (New Scientist)

– Chicks de futbol: Here’s the “10 Hottest Female Soccer Players On The Planet“, because fuck those chicks on the Moon.  Whenever you want to play in gravity, let us know.  Here’s the hottest chick:

And here’s the runner-up:

I’ll take the one already laying down.  Thanks.  (Ces)

– So self-conscience: According to a study, women are hardwired to worry about their body image.  Seriously, that shouldn’t be surprising when you think of us as just animals looking for the best mate.  Luckily, we aren’t just animals so don’t worry so much about that shit.  (I sent this link as an e-mail to myself with the subject “women”.)  (Discovery)

– Carrot bukkake: Kids these days:  (The World’s Best Ever)

– X-treme animals: Here’s PopSci’s list of “Twelve Extreme Animal Modifications,” including spider-goats (which you know about) to this little kitty:

But for some reason the list leaves out these male mosquitoes that were made sterile in order to reduce mosquitoes’ numbers.  (PopSci)

– Buying guides: With Black Friday days away, that means Christmas (or the other stuff you may believe in/celebrate) is right around the corner.  So if you are looking for tech ideas, here are Wired’s guides on what you need to know when buying HDTVs, digital cameras, media streamers, web-connected TVs, e-book readers, game consoles, tablet computers (iPads), 3-D TVs, and cellphones.  Personally, I wouldn’t waste your money on a 3-D TV just yet.  (Wired)

– Wi-Fi may not be so good for trees: It’s preliminary, but the Dutch did a study and according to PC World (well, according to Gizmodo, PC World said):

The study exposed 20 ash trees to various radiation sources for a period of three months. Trees placed closest to the Wi-Fi radio demonstrated a “lead-like shine” on their leaves that was caused by the dying of the upper and lower epidermis of the leaves. This would eventually result in the death of parts of the leaves. The study also found that Wi-Fi radiation could inhibit the growth of corn cobs.

The Dutch Antennebureau says to calm down though, for now at least.  (Hippies are having a terrible end of the year here.  First those crabby Republicans took their country, then wind farms started killing birds and bats, and now their precious internet may kill that which they love most.  You know, since hippies are treehuggers?)  (Gizmodo)

– Flip-book from a track: Some Canadians decided to line a track with drawings, then have a Subaru drive real fast to make a movie out of the wall.  Like so:

Learn how they did it all here.  (Core77)

– I miss the police blotter from college: I did two things with the Daily Wildcat: read the Police Beat and do the crossword.  Funny Or Die has a list of the funniest police blotters here.  (Ben)

– Bardon making moves: Andy got some of his work put onto Men’s Journal.  Go read about climbing Grand Teton in Wyoming.  (Andy Bardon)

– Chris Collinsworth a perv? I don’t know how young he is in this video (wait for it), but he says he prefers young girls, aged fourteen to eighteen.  (Ronzoni)

– “Zilla poop fart”: That’s the name of the following video my dad sent me with the subject “good one” (and he doesn’t mean the video is good):  (Dad)

– Photos: I think every site was linking to NatGeo’s Photography contest.  Here’s a dolphin proving the economy is coming back strong as he goes shopping:

Even though I must have seen a link to the contest everywhere I looked, Ben was the first to send it to me.  So congrats?  What everyone else fails to realize is that they have until November 30th to submit their own photo.  So get on that here.  (Ben)

– Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours: If you’re from the C-Town, then I’ll probably see you over the weekend.

Some milk with your turkey?

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