Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Boxing: 24/7 for Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito started on Saturday.  It features one guy who only speaks Spanish versus another guy who needs subtitles for his English.  I miss Mayweather.

– Mythbusters: When the right type of shit hits the right type of fan, shit does get on everyone.  And, surprisingly, you do get cold feet when you’re scared to perform a task.

– So you trust Kim Jong-Il over Richard Branson? According to a recent Gallup poll, 63% of Democrats (compared to 36% of all Americans) surveyed believed that “in general, the way the government does things is fairer and more just than the way businesses do things.”  On the same day, Gallup released another poll showing that 66% of people across Latin America find their governments make it too hard to fill out paperwork and obtain a permit to start a business.  The second hardest perceived place to start a business?  Sub-Saharan Africa.  (Gallup)

– Still don’t believe me? Here’s a fascinating piece explaining why the American school system was designed to churn out idiots.  Why does the author, Jonathan Taylor Gatto, know it was designed this way?  Because the people doing the designing wrote and spoke about it.  Freely:

  • From a report by the 1888 Senate Committee on Education: “We believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes.”
  • Philosopher and educator John Dewey in 1897: “Every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order and the securing of the right social growth.”
  • A 1905 dissertation for Columbia Teachers College by Elwoord Cubberly (future Dean of Education at Stanford University): Schools should be factories “in which raw products, children, are to be shaped and formed into finished products…manufactured like nails, and the specifications for manufacturing will come from government and industry.”
  • Woodrow Wilson, supreme leader of Progressives… or something: “We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forego the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

On that last bit, Dub-Duece is really letting the socialist shit fly, huh?  Anyway, this is the shit that government is capable of: completely keeping a class, or race, or religious sect, or region, of people down.  Whereas if a company tried to do that, you’d just stop spending your money there and they wouldn’t last long.  (Wooten)

– Some penis blowing in from the west: First off, fuck the Texas Rangers.  Second off, thank you, Texas, you can be so much fun:  (Gizmodo)

– Want to not get fired from the NPR? Then just say you hope Jesse Helms, or one of his grandchildren, gets AIDS, as current legal affairs correspondent, Nina Totenberg said in 1995.  Say that you get nervous when you see people in Muslim garb at the airport, then you’re fired.  (Reason)

– Is he really that clueless? At a fundraiser at the home of Marissa Meyer, a Google executive, Barack Obama said that the US was coming out of a decade in which the American “can do spirit had been lost.”  He also said that he had to address the issues “that have prevented more Googles from being created.”  It’s worth posting the next two paragraphs from this Bespoke Investment Group posting on October 22nd:

There’s no denying the fact that the US economy is currently coming out of a decade where economic growth has been sluggish, but to call the last decade void of innovation is puzzling.  Take Apple (AAPL) for starters.  The iPod was introduced in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, and the iPad in 2010.  At the start of the decade AAPL was trading at $25.70.  Yesterday it closed at $309.52.

While GOOG is the king of search, it is no longer the most popular website.  This year, GOOG lost that title to Facebook, a company that wasn’t even around ten years ago (founded in 2004).  In 2006, GOOG paid $1.65 billion for YouTube.  When was YouTube founded?  2005.  Even President Obama’s 2008 campaign highlights the wave of innovation that has taken place over the last ten years, as many attributed his success to the way he mobilized young voters using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter (founded in 2006).

The article also includes a chart of the number of patent applications granted by year (surprise, more this decade than any other).  So yeah, really not sure what Obama missed, but fuck did he not pay attention.  (Think B.I.G.)

– Darkness: Below is a picture of the darkest possible night sky:

The “light” you see along the edges is “sunlight bounced back to earth from particles in solar system.”  Go to this page to see the original posting and to zoom in on the above picture (it’s worth it).  (PopSci)

– Penn Jilette wants the ladies happy: Here’s Penn’s, from Penn and Teller, patent application for a bathtub that “rubs” women the right way:  (Gizmod)

– A gay fish gets diamond teeth: Kanye West, instead of getting fronts, decided to have his lower front teeth permanently replaced with diamonds.  (Gearlog)

– Marijuana soda: Of course, these are technically illegal.  (Discovery)

– More marijuana: Boston.com’s The Big Picture has a series detailing marijuana growing and packaging facilities.  Like this:  (The Daily What)

– LED tattoos? Possibly.  (PopSci)

– Solar eclipse: But from space:  (New Scientist)

– Don King with a panda: ‘Nough said:  (The World’s Best Ever)

– So wait, what’s the problem with the rent? It’s too damn high:  (Dix)


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