Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No editing below, but plenty of naked chicks.)

– “Charity doesn’t solve anything”: So says Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man according to Forbes.  The man does donate, so he must see some benefit, but during a recent speech he said, “the only way to fight poverty is with employment.”  I enjoyed this quote more though: “There is a saying that we should leave a better country to our children. But it’s more important to leave better children to our country.”  (Look, charity solves something if it’s like handing out free vaccinations, but if you’re trying to uplift a country he’s right.  You gotta give an incentive to be a producing member of society, otherwise malaise will set in as people just expect free shit.  Incentives are king.)  (Ces)

– Capitalism and the Chilean miners: Here’s a piece in the WSJ on how capitalism (ignorantly maligned recently) allowed for a faster, safer, better, etc, rescue of the miners.  Recall that the original estimate was for December, but Center Rock Inc, from Berlin, PA, offered up their special drill after seeing reports of the disaster.  Then companies from around the world offered up technology to help, including bacteria eating socks that got Chile’s health minister to say that he “never realized that kind of thing actually existed.”  The right mix of competition and incentive breeds innovation, and that’s always best through free-market capitalism. (And to those who say, “but didn’t capitalism put them in that mine?”  It was a copper-gold mine, which even commies would need for their electronics.)  (Carpe Diem)

– Mr. T loves gold: And he has for longer than you’ve known him:  (Wooten)

– People only like their government: In 2006, Democrats thought the government “pose[d] an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens” more so than Republicans.  In 2010, that view has shifted:

What do I think this tells us?  That people put on mental blinders.  Government is government, it pretty much sucks and is a threat to our freedoms no matter which bozos are in charge.  At least independents get it (holla at your boy).  (Gallup)

– Obviously you missed the whole point of that story, Brian: You should treat your girl to a pearl necklace for $420:  (The Daily What)

– Krista was in NYC: I have no idea who Krista is, but Terry Richardson took a nice picture:  (Terry Richardson’s Diary)

– Like you’d fall for that: Her name is Krista Ayne.  Here’s her shoot for Sergio K Clothing, her website, and a Bing image search (even “safe search” returns titties for you).  Apparently she’s a “well-established model”, as this picture clearly indicates:

She’s also appeared on Howard Stern, and she was the host of “Pants Off Dance Off”( a show I remember a former-colleague telling me to watch, but not worth linking to.)  Lovely.  (And a note to ladies: go ahead and Google “Terry Richardson Sergio K clothing” and you’ll hit up a lot of gay sites showing the male models.  Oh, I guess gays should be aware of that, too.)

– Why is the sky blue? Yet another reason.  It was once more orange, then algae helped to change that.  (Discovery)

– Water droplets on somethingsomethingsomething carbon nanotube: The good shit is around the :25 mark (2:28 is also worth checking out):  (The Daily What)

– Walk for your brain: Those who walk at least 72 blocks per week have “greater gray matter volume than people who [don’t] walk as much.”  (Discovery)

– And you thought a TV in the mirror was ballin’: Well how about a computer display in your mirror?  Step your game up, Penny:  (Engadget)

– Consider yourself “green”? Then you best be eating kangaroo.  It’s the most eco-friendly meat, if you consider pumping a ‘roo full of bullets “eco-friendly.”  (New Scientist)

– Ladies looking for costumes: Look no further than Victoria’s Secret.  I recommend the nurse:  (The World’s Best Ever)

– NHL Goalie equipment: Uni Watch has this article on ESPN highlighting new paint on masks as well as new equipment/looks of goalies around the league.  (Uni Watch)

– Wood watches: Go here to buy a watch made from wood.  Like this one:  (Julie Sabo)

– Paris: My parents were in Paris for a few days and they claim they took pictures.  According to my dad, though, this is the only picture he actually took:

– The Marks’ Financial update:

  • MFL – Mark Lee opened the week at his parents’ house and closed this time period at his grandmother’s condo.  How do you think his stock did?  He was at $14.63 on Chandler, but closed at $14.28 while moving Sharon and himself in to the aforementioned condo.  Mark had already announced the cost cutting maneuver, but still investors are sitting on the sidelines awaiting more positive news.
  • MAB – Bunk was slightly down these past two weeks, mainly from his two day slide on October 4th and 5th.  The rest of the time was spent playing catch up and ogling his Moonti team.  The ogling did not pay off, however, as More Bang For Your Bunk came out flat, even worse than his chart suggests.  He opened at $15.30 and closed this past week at $15.14, then lost to Harter by 32 fake football points.
  • MDH – Harter had a nice pattern of one up day, two down days, then repeat for this time period, causing him to finish down 32 cents to $2.27 (from $2.59).  It looks like  a fun chart with jumps along the way.  Investors, while impressed with his undefeated performance in fake football, are not buying the long-term prospects of It’s a Harter Knock Life.  I mean, come on, there has to be a reason he’s hitting everyone for trades.  (I’ve tried reverse jinxing him and that didn’t work, so just a full on attack should be good.)

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