Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Boxing: The Super Six World Boxing Classic, Showtime’s supper middleweight tournament, is now missing three of the original six fighters.  Andre Dirrell dropped out due to “neurological” reasons, joining Mikkel Kessler and Jermain Taylor.  Dirrell’s been having headaches and experiencing dizziness since his last fight in March, when he was punched and knocked out after he had slipped on the canvas.  Other than that there aren’t any real good fights until at least November 6th when Juan Manuel Lopez fights Rafael Marquez.

– Goats that lactate spider silk: This was first done about twelve years ago by Randy Lewis, from the University of Wyoming.  Now Raaaaaaaandy has mixed spider genes into silkworms to produce even more silk than the goats.  Spider silk can be up to 10 times tougher than Kevlar, and since it’s organic it can be used for replacement tendons and some other brain shit.  Also, we could get t-shirts that are bullet-proof.  All it takes is making silkworms that have red eyes and fluorescent silk.  (PopSci)

– Stretching before running no good: It saps your energy and doesn’t particularly prevent injuries.  Experts suggest using “active stretching” prior to a run/workout.  (Wired)

– Monopoly: The Wire Edition: No, not a real product, but I blew through season 3 of The Wire this week, so might as well toss this in (bigger picture here):  (Brosnan)

– Hydraulic fracturing: This is the technique used to fuck up the shale that holds our massive supply of natural gas.  It’s under pressure because apparently it’s not cool to have chemicals in drinking water.  Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline, so you can see the dilemma if extracting it kills people (people > birds).  Read this so you can sound somewhat intelligent on the subject.  (PopSci)

– Animals have spiritual experiences: Well, at least their brains fire off in the same way.  We can’t exactly ask them if they saw a light when they almost died.  (Discovery)

– Drunks think you’re a jerk: Surprise, but you’re more likely to think someone’s unintentional action was in fact intentional if you are drunk.  Wait, alcohol affects decision making?  Shocker.  (Wired)

– My Umi said shine your light on the world: Cisco (I had to stop myself from typing CSCO) unveiled a new video conferencing system for your home called Umi.  You’ve most likely seen the Cisco commercials for TelePresence, but this is a box you plug into your TV for about $600.  (Engadget)

– Show your attitude: These leggings will let guys know what kind of mood a chick is in.  From demure to femme fatal, though don’t you think femme fatal should just be whore?  (The Daily What)

– More good news for chicks: Scientists now say it’s beneficial for you to drink one to two drinks a week while pregnant.  If you are wondering what they classify as a drink: “A drink was defined as a small glass of wine, a half-pint of beer or a single serving of hard alcohol.”  So knock back those shots, for the fetus’ sake.  (Discovery)

– Kanye’s new entourage member: His name is Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay, and he’s a sophomore at Yale.  Kanye liked the kid’s crests, because according to this article in the NY Post, Kanye “loves crests.”  (New York Post)

This kid is more ballin’ than you.

– Mythbusters: They returned this week with an episode about dogs and how good their noses are.  If running from a bloodhound, give up, even if you are in a scent-less suit.  And if you are smuggling shit then don’t bother masking the contraband in coffee, or perfume, or peanut butter, or citronella, or shitty diapers.  None of those will stop the dog from finding it.

– How to properly celebrate 125 years: By putting every player’s name on your kits:  (Uni Watch)

– Preparing for the apocalypse? Go to Costco to get your 1-year, 4-person supply of dehydrated food for only $3,499.99.  (Dad)

– Need a coat rack? Wintercheck Factory has the hookup:  (Ces)

– Notes on the site: If you find something you think is worth going on here, or you just want to exchange a couple emails, then hit me up at blakesupdate@gmail.com.  I put this here because I realize I never have a true conclusion to any week.  So this is that conclusion.

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