Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Boxing: Since it’s been awhile, the following has happened:

– Boxing After Dark: That’s the name of HBO’s boxing program that isn’t on PPV. It typically showcases younger fighters. Abram sent along this commercial for it: (Abram)

– Boardwalk Empire: If you were waiting for me to tell you to watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO (Sundays, 9 PM), then fine: watch Boardwalk Empire. Omar makes a brief appearance in the first episode, which is probably why my dad said he didn’t see him. There are gangsters, there’s booze, titties, beatings, and a shotgun blast to the dome piece. Also, Eastbound & Down returns on Sunday the 26th.

– Paycheck Fairness Act: The claim is that women get paid less than men. The solution is to pass an act enforcing an already passed act, but this time we’ll give out awards to those that comply (please click that link, it’s true). My problem? If women are so discriminated at the workplace that basically no woman is paid fairly, then WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE COURT CASES? We’ve already passed laws that make it illegal to discriminate (by race, sex, age, creed, and even on who you prefer to fuck) and we’ve had court cases that have set precedent for women to sue if they are being discriminated. So I ask again, this time nicely, where are the court cases to verify this claim? Otherwise this act would be a waste. Unless, of course, you want our own federal agency to discriminate and only give grants to entities that “carry out negotiation skills training programs for girls and women“. So unequal pay is discrimination, but giving extra training to a specific subset of individuals isn’t? The fuck? I guess I’m just a sexist. Slate.com disagrees with me (surprise).

– Mad Men: Speaking of sexists, I finished the first season of Mad Men (finally) and seasons 2 and 3 arrived on Friday. The show is great, especially in their treatment of women. (The guys tackle girls and expose the woman’s panties, and everyone laughs this off). My two favorite Draper lines, though, were this one:

Rachel Menkin: There’s something about the way you talk that gives me confidence.

Draper: I have a deep voice.

And this one:

Peggy: I want a five dollar raise per week.

Draper (chuckles): Jesus, what do you make?

Peggy: $35 per week.

Draper (suddenly serious): Well, that’s a 15% hike.

There are plenty of other good Draper moments, but Jon Hamm plays a better Draper than I write Draper.

– Green Sox: If you’re wondering why the White Sox wore green uniforms last Friday, then clearly you don’t know that we were less than halfway to St. Patty’s Day:

The unis look solid, but the White Sox have no plan to keep them in their regular rotation. (Uni Watch)

– Save the planet, shop at Walmart: Walter Russell Mead explains much better than I can summarize here. Basically, by finding the supplier with the lowest price, Walmart forces producers to limit waste (less packaging, less energy, etc.) and therefore are helping to make the planet better. (The American Interest)

– Aurora: The Canadian Space Agency, eh, has launched a website where you can watch the Northern Lights live. You have to wait for after dusk, west coast time, in order to enjoy the sights though. This is a long exposure picture of an aurora:

– Take more naps: You’ll be better at your job if you take a nap for 20-30 minutes between 1pm and 3pm. I think people who work at home should definitely try this (Harter), but admittedly this is hard to pull off at the office. (Kornfeld)

– Shit rockets: At least, rockets fueled by processed raw sewage. I like my name better. (Discovery)

– Sharks eating a whale: Save Our Seas Foundation recently photographed a group of white sharks eating a dead whale. The whale was dragged out by the South African Navy to allow the sharks to do the clean up for everyone else. (Discovery)

– Blake Lively’s breasts: New York Magazine has 59 pictures for you to look at here. Here’s a taste: (The World’s Best Ever)

– You too can be like Wolverine: Scientists want to use titanium foam implants to repair bones. Why use a foam structure? To wit: (New Scientist)

The titanium foam does a better job than solid metal when it comes to matching the mechanical properties of bone, such as flexibility, and this encourages more effective bone regrowth.

What’s more, the foam is porous, so the bone can grow around and within it, truly integrating the implant with the skeleton.

They are still working on the whole “sharp knives that rip out through your skin”. (Side note: shouldn’t those blades come out bloody as shit every time Wolverine exposes them? It’s the little things that annoy me.)

– Waiting for Superman: Wanna see how crappy teacher unions and the Democratic party are when it comes to education? Then watch this film about lower-class students hoping to get accepted via lottery to charter schools (done by the director of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth). The only negative I’ve ever heard about charter schools, specifically Harlem Children’s Zone, is that not everyone gets to go there. (Carpe Diem)

– Scrabble for Kindle: I love playing Scrabble on the iPhone (you can play for free on Facebook), but now you can also play on the Kindle… in black and white. It’s $5 and you can’t play someone over the Internet, only by passing it back and forth. (Wired)

– I got hodes: Savitch aka Seth aka Brian was in town from San Fran and brought with him the Area Hode Scale to rate women (I guess women can use it to rate men, too). Instead of just getting an overall grade (“she’s a 10,” for instance), candidates receive three numbers. The first number rates the candidates face and uses a 10-point scale. The second number is either 0 for no you won’t “bang” and 1 is yes. We end the Area Hode Scale with a 10-point scale, again, to rate the body. Easy way it was told to me was “face-bang-body”, which I called “face-fuck-body” when I asked for clarification. You’ll typically end up creating area codes, which naturally become area hodes. 917 is a good area hode, but them Stamford bitches (203) are what you want to avoid. LA’s got a weird mix of 310s (everyone becomes a 1 after you fuck them, so avoid the 010s) and 818s.

– Truck for sale: Chris “Cop Speed” Johnson wants to sell his 2008 Dodge Ram (it’s got 6 TVs): (Chris Johnson’s Twitter)

He’s excited to sell it:

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