Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Economics: People argue a lot over which political party has the best economic practices.  I say our economy grows in spite of our, sometimes, intrusive government.  Want to see our GDP charted since 1809 so I can prove my point?  Here:

You can also go here to see the data since 1929, which shows you how great our economy is over the long haul.  (Carpe Diem)

– Air Force: I was really digging these Air Force helmets the team wore on Saturday:

They got 13 stripes and all 50 stars on there.  Go ahead and count.  Also, Louisville went a little overboard with their helmet:  (Uni Watch)

– You’re gonna love 3DTV: Until you actually try 3DTV.  According to Nielsen, you’re more likely to be less interested in 3D once you’ve experienced 3D:

Also, you’re more likely, after being “exposed” to 3D, to ask how much they cost.  Then you’d also be a lot less interested in purchasing one.  (Fast Company)

– Make a fire with Ikea products: All you need is some Ikea rope, a hanger, a wine rack, an egg cup, some napkins, and “floral embellishments”, whatever the fuck those are.  And then you’ll be making fire with the best of them.  (Core77)

– “Locavores”: These are people that only eat food that was grown “locally”.  It’s like, better, man.  So here’s Stephen Budiansky, self-proclaimed Liberal Curmudgeon, explaining how stupid of an idea it is to be a locavore.  He talks about the environment and how much land we’d have to use up if everyone started growing their own food.  Personally, I’d be more concerned economically as I’m pretty sure those poor countries we buy food from would be worse off when they stopped receiving our money.  (Ben)

– World’s largest pool: I, and pretty much everyone else, was surprised to hear this title goes to the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile:

The dudes at The World’s Best Ever have it right when they say they’d expect to see this in Dubai.  (The World’s Best Ever)

– How to open a book: I never knew there was a proper way to open a book.  And now you do.  (The Daily What)

– Apartments heated by the subway: I understand the concept, but the subway fucking reeks, and I’m sure Paris ain’t any different.  So yeah, if you want your apartment possibly smelling like rat farts and homeless people, go right ahead.  (Gizmodo)

– More microscope pics: Wired wants to know which one you like most.  Here’s soap film under a microscope:

Looks fake as shit, right?  But no, it’s real.  (Wired)

– Photos of clouds: Here’s a collection of “40 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Clouds.”  And here’s one stunning photo of a beautiful cloud, or an atom bomb:  (Hongkiat)

– Want to spend $2,000 on a rocking chair? Wired‘s got the hookup:  (Wired)

– Sexy dancing: Scientist, who seem to have nothing better to do, found what type of dancing women find attractive in men.  Apparently it’s better to move your head, neck, and torso then it is to be “stiff and plod.”  No shit.  (Discovery)

– You shouldn’t be surprised by this pic: You read Blake’s Update, therefore you already know that miniature horses can be used as service animals:  (The Daily What)

– I hate the Eagles: But I can’t hate their cheerleaders:

They must work out.

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