Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below.)

– Lemonaaaade, that cool, refreshing drink: Fun times in Portland, Oregon, this week as 7-year-old Julie Murphy was told she would have to pay $120 to setup her lemonade stand at the Last Thursday arts festival.  The kid cried, people got angry, eventually the head county health official apologized.  My favorite quote was from Eric Pippert, the “food-borne illness prevention manager for the state’s public health division,” in the original article:

“When you go to a public event and set up shop, you’re suddenly engaging in commerce.  The fact that you’re small-scale I don’t think is relevant.”

Eric was really onto the 7-year-old’s nefarious plan to poison Portland with 50-cent lemonade.  (first, Reason; apology, Carpe Diem)

– “Everybody in this country is going to have to sacrifice something”: Except my wife, who will take 40 of her “closest” friends, along with an estimated 70 Secret Service agents, via Air Force Two to Spain.  And stay in a really nice resort for an estimated $2,500 a night.  (If you want to “visit” Spain from home, this collection of pictures at Hongkiat is solid.)  (Reason)

– Space and shit: It’s pretty:  (Gizmodo)

– Am I wrong? This a shot of an exploding star: (PopSci)

– Even our own planet has its moments: Here’s a shot of the most recent aurora, from last Sunday’s solar flare:  (PopSci)

– Golf balls for amateurs: Because, “you don’t use racing slick tires on your Honda Accord”, why are you using the same balls as Tiger Woods?  These golf balls from Bridgestone make up for your lack of head speed (according to the article, a pro’s golf head hits up to 120mph, while you hit around 80mph) and provide better accuracy and distance.  (Fast Company)

– Wear red, men: Chicks find men in red, “more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable.”  Red will not, however, make you “more likable, kind, or sociable.”  (Discovery)

– Ladies: Want to hide your camel toe?  Use this:

Want to make your butt “pop”?  Use this:

And continue to lie to us by masking your true self.  (camel toe, Geekologie)

– The world’s biggest fish took a dump: And scientists were ecstatic:  (Wired)

– I wonder if they used this to measure the shit: This is a patented device to weigh your shits:  (Ginny)

– And the world’s smallest monkey: “Pygmy goats” is still the 5th most searched term to get to Blake’s Update, so it’s only right I show you a pygmy marmoset:  (New Scientist)

– The “100 best magazine articles”: At least according to Kevin Kelly.  (Boing Boing)

– That’s what I’ve been saying! The UN released a report suggesting the world should farm bugs for food.  I’m a believer in this, since I believe in feeding people, and if those that are struggling to meet ends were more willing to eat bugs, then less people would starve.  Just don’t expect me to eat that shit, I can afford meat.  (I never claimed to lead by example.)  (PopSci)

– Secret knock lock: Would suck if you forgot the rhythm though: (Heidi)

– Inception: People are still asking me if they should see it.  Yes, you should see it.  No, I don’t think it was the greatest movie of all time.

– The Real L Word: Why are you not watching this?  Last Sunday Whitney took a strap-on to two different, and both hot, chicks, though they only showed one of the scenes (with the hotter girl).  Is it worth getting Showtime for?  Possibly.

– The Marks’ Financial Update:

  • MFL – Investors liked the engagement party and finally started to move Mark’s stock higher, from $14.21 to a $14.55 close, after several weeks of stagnation.  Mark only failed in my eyes by not alerting me sooner to the aforementioned strap-on scene, but he was having his best two days after the airing of that episode, so that shows what I know.
  • MAB – Bunk got engaged this week, but his stock wavered more than he did dropping down to $14.48 on July 29th (from his prior two-week close of $14.83) then rising to close this period at $15.08.  My assumption is he bought the ring on the 29th and certainty returned to the MAB stock.  Congratulations Bunk and Jaime, and Olive and Austin, as well.
  • MDH – Harter had a rough past two weeks as he slid from $2.49 to $2.19.  I thought I was the ass at Mark Lee’s engagement party, but coming out of that weekend Harter had his biggest drop.  It’s OK Harter, since you have 166 friends on Facebook and that means your reputation capital is worth more than mine (however you are poor compared to Lee: 294 and Bunk: 224).  Although, I’m not saying, but I’m saying, you are now the last man standing, and as the two entries above show, investors like an engaged man.  (And that would be totally cool of you to get engaged solely for the purpose of rising a stock that has no attachment to you whatsoever.)

– Notes on the site: Like the banners Bunk creates for the site?  Then go see all of Bunk’s Banners here.

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