Weekly Update.

– Tokyo’s oldest man, dead for 30 years: When officials went to congratulate the man on turning 111, he was unable to answer the door.  He was unable to answer the door because he was lying in bed dead for the past 30 years.  (Boing Boing)

– Gun puzzle: This thing:  (Gizmodo)

turns into this thing:

Read how here.

– Tibetan Buddhism: Not so cool.  In fact, after reading this article, it is hard to see why people are so enamored by the religion considering Buddhism’s stance on:

  • Women – “according to Buddhist teachings it is impossible for women to become [one] of the five highest, holiest positions in Buddhism”
  • Gays  – the Dalai Lama, in 1993, said “nature arranged male and female organs in such a manner that is very suitable… same-sex organs cannot manage well.”

Throw in the fact that you gotta lay down in the dirt every four steps and you got yourself a pretty fucked up religion.  Once again proving that’s why you should never listen to actors/musicians when it comes to anything other than what music to listen to or what movies to watch.  (Ben)

– California is number one: In anti-Semitic incidents.  Pretty funny (I mean, minus the whole harassment of Jews thing) for such a “progressive” state.  (Reason)

– Tears of blood: No, not talking about a Jesus statue, but rather a lizard in the deserts of southern US and Mexico that shoots poisonous blood when it feels too threatened.  Kinda like on True Blood.  Except not gay.  (New Scientist)

– UV light on oil: This is a cool picture, too bad it’s of a polluted beach though:  (Boing Boing)

– How the Leatherman came about: First off, I was most surprised that the dude’s last name was Leatherman.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but didn’t think that was the reason for the name.  Oh yeah, um, second off, there’s some cool drawings in there.  (Gizmodo)

– BeeWorldly: Never heard of this site until Wooten shared the below pic on Reader.  And now I check it out to look for cool travel pics:  (Wooten)

And since you’ll ask, here’s Jamie Foxx on a lion’s sexual habit.

– Bad ass fireworks: Bunk and Jaime were in Italy and got to see a cool fireworks display on the water.  Not over the water, on the water:  (Bunk)

– The DISCLOSE Act: This is Congress’ way to avoid the Judicial branch of government by pushing through new legislation that would “force the disclosure of the sources of election advertising spending and ban financing from companies with more than 20 percent foreign ownership.”  Sounds harmless right?  Oh, you forgot that the Supreme Court already ruled that companies have the same freedom of speech rights as individuals, so this goes against one of the basic tenets of our country.  Obama, crying over Republican opposition yet again, said that special interest groups “can hide behind a name like ‘Citizens for a Better Future,’ even if a more accurate name would be ‘Companies for Weaker Oversight.'”  Over on RealClearPolitics, Michelle Malkin had this fantastic rebuttal:

How about “Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity”? That’s the front group White House senior adviser David Axelrod formed to shill for a massive utility tax hike championed by Commonwealth Edison in Chicago.

Or how about “Americans for Stable Quality Care”? That was the government health care takeover-promoting special interest coalition funded by Big Pharma, the AARP, AMA and the Service Employees International Union. The group pitched in $150 million for pro-Obama health care ads to create the illusion of grassroots support.

Or how about “Health Care for America Now”? That’s the 1825 K Street-based “grassroots” lobbying conglomerate funded by radical liberal sugar daddy George Soros and the brass-knuckled, purple-shirted bosses of the SEIU.

Or how about “American Rights at Work”? That’s the far-left, pro-Big Labor lobbying group that Obama’s labor secretary, Hilda Solis, served as treasurer for while a congresswoman — a position she failed to disclose while lobbying for the Big Labor card-check bill she was sponsoring at the same time.

Or how about the “American Public Policy Committee”? That’s the umbrella group for Beltway-based union and progressive lobbyists run by D.C. money-shuffler Craig Varoga, who is now harnessing Washington bucks to attack tea party activists.

It’s the president’s biggest donors and advisers who perfected the art of Astroturf. Don’t be so modest, man.

Team Obama and their allies on Capitol Hill have some nerve gnashing their teeth about transparency after two years of backdoor kickbacks, secret Big Labor deals, C-SPAN camera evasion, White House disclosure-ducking coffeehouse meetings, and sunlight-shirking holiday and midnight floor votes. And while they preached about America’s right to know and posed as crusaders for open access, Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate continued to stonewall on public hearings for health care rationing czar Donald Berwick — Obama’s recess-appointed head of Medicare and Medicaid.

I thought that was pretty funny.  I have no problem with having a note at the end of campaign commercials stating who the major backers are, nor do I have any problem with a company putting out campaign ads.  I also believe that if you have a major problem with this act being shot down, then you think Obama just got elected because of his cute commercials and not the promises he made.  Bucheri also thinks you are saying the American public is a bunch of idiots, you asshole.

– Oh, Congress: And in case you didn’t know, according to recent survey by Gallup, only 11% of respondents have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress as an institution.  No, but seriously, let’s keep giving them more power.  That makes sense.  (Gallup)

– Blake, you just talked politics, I know what that means: Yeah, you wanna see some titties.  I know.

– Does this count? Probably not, since it’s old:  (Voorhees)

– Jacques Magazine: They are a quarterly magazine that is “America’s only new luxury erotic magazine; a modern reimagining of the classic men’s magazines of yesteryear. We celebrate a return to the origins of the pulp title; offering edgy opinion, arousing interviews and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women.”  Here’s a review of the magazine complete with lovely pictures.  I’m more curious about their “Lips of the Month” section:

– Porn Ladies of Twitter (besides the usernames, just assume every link is NSFW):

  • Riley Steele (rileysteele) – She sends good photos, complains only briefly, and you can tell she’s young with the 47 emoticons per tweet.  Still, how do you say no to this? Or this.
  • Rachel Starr (RachelStarrxxx) – I’m told she’s quite the performer.  Her pics range from her fully clothed to her offering you a glass of wine in an unconventional way.  Or getting fucked.  She posts a picture everyday so that’s worth keeping in mind.
  • Gina Lynn (theginalynn) – Loves promoting her clothing line and other beauty products, then promotes them with a picture of her tits.  So she’s not terrible to follow.  (Unfortunately the pics of her tits got deleted, apparently that’s a no-no on tweetphoto.)
  • Teagan Presely (MsTeagan) – If you’re OK with tweets like “boy did I just get fucked good” or “relaxing in the hot tub to soak my pussy”, then go for it.  Tweets a lot of AP news and photos of her dressed, but every now and then she sends a good one.  Or one from a shoot.
  • Jenny Hendrix (jennyhendrix) – Fun girl, pics are few but you can follow her ass, which has its own twitter (hendrixbooty).
  • Courtney Cumz (xxxpage) – She’s relatively new to the scene and I gotta hand it to her for keeping her natural tits, which are decent “girl next door” tits.  She’s got some funny tweets so actually not bad to have in your timeline.
  • Sasha Grey (SashaGrey) – No porn list could be complete without her, especially after an appearance on Entourage.  Unfortunately, I don’t follow her because she doesn’t posts pics.

There are plenty more pornstars out there (yes, ladies, even the dudes), but these are the ones I follow (unless otherwise noted).  If you are going to join Twitter, then just click their name and then hit the “Follow” button.  If you aren’t going to listen to me, then at least I’ve given you some names to search for when you next have alone time.  (Remember to turn on private browsing, unless she’s cool with it.)

– Wait, where’s the “offering you a glass of wine in an unconventional way” pic? Yeah, I teased ya.  Here:

You should see her pour.

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