Weekly Update.

– RIP Tuli Kupferberg: You can read his real obit here, but this week I came to the realization that the only reason I am alive is because of a song entitled “Boobs a Lot.”  You see, my dad met his best friend at college on the first day of school because Fred (the friend) was blasting that song out of his dorm window.  My dad, who already knew the song, heard it being played and said “I gotta go meet that guy.”  Fred eventually introduced Alan to Penny, and ___ years later (you’re welcome, mom) here I am.  And here’s the song:

If you don’t want to blast it at work, here are the lyrics:

Do you like boobs a lot?
(Yes I like boobs a lot)
Why do you like boobs a lot?
(Gotta like boobs a lot)

Do you like boobs a lot?
(Yes I like boobs a lot)
Why do you like boobs a lot?
(Gotta like boobs a lot)

(Note: I typed the above portion earlier in the week, by the time the real obit was printed in the NY Times they had removed the mention of the album “Boobs a Lot.”  Luckily, it still exists on the web version.)

– Curren$y: Pilot Talk: I’m completely feeling the song “Breakfast” (produced by Mos Def, though the album version sounds better than the YouTube one), and “Audio Dope II“.  Also, Jay Electronica makes an appearance on “The Day” and Snoop Dogg is featured on “Seat Change.”  Worth the $10.

– Dying planet: They found a planet with a tail like a comet, which is pretty fucking rare (that’s the scientific term).  The planet is basically being blasted away by its own sun.  Scientists estimate that the planet only has ONE TRILLION years left to live.  As my dad says, “oh, phew, I thought you said one billion.”  (New Scientist)

– Brazilian Chicks: It’s not that I have an infatuation with Brazilian chicks, it’s just that Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls is the perfect site in Google Reader.  Meet Monica Frutuoso:  (Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls)

Bukkake Bokeh Photos: According to Hongkiat, “The word ‘bokeh’ derives from the Japanese for ‘blur’ or ‘haze’, and in photography describes the effect found in out-of-focus regions of images.”  Here’s an example (more in the link): (Hongkiat)

– Rice paddies, again: I thought the Telegraph had some good shots, but then Pink Tentacle released this article.  Here’s another one:  (Pink Tentacle)

– Belly button: Your athletic prowess is dependent upon the height of your belly button.  West-Africans typically have longer legs, which puts their belly button higher than their European counterparts, and therefore are better suited for track sports.  Yes scientist have found to way to say “black people run faster than white people,” without being racist.  (Discovery)

– Fiber optic knife: The knife is fashioned out of the same shit that makes your internet fast.  Doesn’t look like it’ll cut anything though, right?  (Gizmodo)

(And right now everyone that’s played Elder Scrolls is like, “wait, I’ve seen that before…“)

– Ophidian Wars: Opac’s Journey: If you have an Xbox, for $1 you can help a friend of a friend.  You can find the game in the Xbox Live Game Marketplace under Indie Games.  The developers (a whole two of them) have a blog where you can read about the process and a contest to win Microsoft points here.

– Double Sun Power: Everyone loves the Old Spice “man your man could smell like”, but I’m liking the Odor Blocker.  Old Spice has a YouTube channel for all of these commercials.  Here’s the Double Sun Power one:

– How Blake’s mind works: Cumming shared this article about how a giant “methane fart” in the Gulf will wipe out every life form.  The quotes are over the top, which made me think of the South Park episode “Imaginationland” where the military brings in directors to think of ideas to stop the terrorists.  The experts in Cumming’s article remind me of Michael Bay’s part.  As an added bonus, with all of Mel Gibson’s crazy shit going on right meow, there’s the ending quote of “say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the son of a bitch knows story structure.”

– Mirrored treehouse: Apparently mirrors and trees are in right now with the “Unlimited Urban Woods” in the Netherlands and then this mirrored treehouse:  (Urban, core77; treehouse, Gizmodo)

– Twitter Update: I know, it’s been awhile, but Blake had up to 43 followers and is now down to 39.  It’s not my fault all the spammers keep getting deleted.

– Tweet of the week: MoMo Jones (kingmomo10) is a basketball player for Zona, he happens to hail from Harlem.  I’m posting this tweet because if you know me, then you’ll know I love that he used the wrong “their” and that he uses Trick Daddy’s line of “love the kids.”  Here’s MoMo:

At the Boys and Girls Club Dinner. Supporting the kids and there achievements. Got to love the kids and everyone who supports us in tucson!

– Album art: Wired did a run down of their favorite album art of all time (props to GZA), then did an addition of reader’s choices.  (Wired)

– Pizza in a cone: On my walk home from work I pass by a shop called “K! pizzacone”, which is pizza… in a cone.  You can go to their website here, but none of the links actually work so you can’t read “about” or see the menu.  Shit you can’t even contact them.  According to most reviews on Yelp! though, this place is not worth your money.  I just figured you should know that someone decided to put pizza in a cone.


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  1. momo jones (MDH)

    Yeah, but you used the wrong ‘you’re’ at the end of the boobs a lot post, so we’re even.

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