Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Last night Rafael Marquez stopped Israel Vazquez in 3 rounds due to a nasty cut on Vazquez’s eye. How nasty? Um, this nasty:

That’s a lovely trail of blood, no?

РTime lapse of Eyjafjallajökull volcano: In related news, my dumbass finally figured out how to post Vimeo videos: (Wooten)

– Stringer Bell tries rapping: Yes, the man that plays Stringer is British. Deal with it. (Brosnan)

– The Roots new song: “Dear God 2.0” from their upcoming album How I Got Over, coming out June 22nd. Not really the song I’d use to introduce people to The Roots (I mean, the best way would be to take you to a show). Let’s try “How I Got Over“. Ahh, much better. Back to being pumped for this album. (?uestlove’s Twitter)

– Nas & Damian Marley: Distant Relatives. Eh. Very very eh. I wanted this album to be really good, considering it’s Nas and all. “As We Enter” and “Nah Mean” are the only two I’ve been repeating. I’ve never been a huge fan of reggae-rap (I only bought a Bounty Killer album because of that Mobb Deep song “Deadly Zone“) and this album doesn’t help to bring me over. Sorry Nas fans, this one is a pass.

– Fuck it, more rap news: Cam’ron and Jim Jones “squashed their beef” (does anyone still say that?). And according to the article, Cam’ron wants to do another Dipset album. I know Demner and Money hope he really means it. (Demner)

– Harter gets one: Amazon is releasing the Kindle app for phones that use Android’s software, which includes Harter’s prized Droid. (Boy Genius Report)

– Mom, can we use this? My mom wants us to dump her ashes in the ocean (after she dies, not now). Why not put her in a weird coffin that rests at the bottom of the ocean for fishes to swim and play in? You cremate your loved one, stick them in a biodegradable Ziplock bag inside the “coffin”, then toss ’em overboard. That cool, Mom? (Also, I’m assuming my mom won’t figure out how to comment on the website, so I’ll post her email when she replies.) (Gizmodo)

– How movie studios saw California: Basically, as unoriginal. (Boing Boing)

– Speaking of Cali: Pelosi thinks artists should stay out of work, because clearly the only key to achieving your dreams is to have health care. She doesn’t want you to “have to be job locked.” Really? That’s what’s holding these people back? Since when does making money and saving and in your free time focusing on something that you enjoy considered a bad idea? Thanks, Nancy. You’re doing a fantastic job… (Bucheri)

– The best gif ever? According to The World’s Best Ever: (though it’s an old one) (The World’s Best Ever)

– Ever want to know what it’s like to fuck a porn star? And, you know, not get diseased? Turns out the Fleshlight now comes in porn star varieties.

– Bitch piss you off? Then order some crabs that come through the mail so you can afflict her with pubic lice. You sick fuck, you. I believe Carpe Diem would have titled this “Markets in Everything”. (Geekologie)

– Lifelock not so locked up: Do you remember the CEO of Lifelock running commercials that printed his Social Security Number? His goal was to convince you how safe their service, which protects against identity theft, can be. Well, the service works so well that Todd Davis only had his identity stolen 13 times. Whoops. (Wired)

– Nature and electricity: Together at last: (PopSci)

– You like coffee? Then Ces would like you to try True Beans Coffee. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but Ces swears by it and that fucker does love his coffee. Anyone else try this/know about this? Personally I go with the free Starbucks machine we have at work, not to be a dick or anything. (Ces)

– NJ Beer Company launched: All three beers are tasty and come in growlers. You can email me and I’ll put you into touch with McCarthy who will tell you how to purchase a growler of your choice. I kinda like the growler concept, I mean, as long as I can’t get a six-pack at the store. The growlers come in half gallon size. (Enough growlers for you, Harter?)

– Twitter update: Blake has 39 followers (up from 37). No RTs nor mentions, not sure why I bother updating you on this fact. 39 followers is trash, by the way.

– Tweet of the week: Herm Edwards (HermEdwardsESPN) joined Twitter this week. I fell in love with Herm even before his Emmy-worthy performance on Hard Knocks, and would spend Mondays and Tuesdays during the football season reading his press conference transcripts because I loved me some Hermisms. Now I get Herm’s “though of the day” each morning. He had thought spelled correctly the first three times, but that fourth time… well, it’s the Tweet of the week. To wit:

Though of the day ” focus on your pian not the adversity ”

Tough one, Herm. So far he’s also taught us that “you first form your habits then your habits form you” and that “eventually what we do in the dark – comes to the light.” I look forward to my time with Herm.

– What you missed: I’m moving. The good view, the balcony, and the overwhelming-gay gays will all be missed. 8G how I loved thee. I’ll miss Gil, my doorman, the most because he’s the only person I get to talk boxing with on a regular basis. Also Rocking Horse, Flight 151, and Cafeteria when you aren’t serving me horrendous Bloody Mary’s. OK, I’ll just miss the mac’n’cheese spring rolls from Cafeteria. (What, is this what you missed or what I’m going to miss?) So yeah, I guess I wasn’t vocal enough about telling friends I’m moving. Sorry ’bout that. I’m moving two blocks south of Union Square into a bigger apartment with higher ceilings and a bigger kitchen though no balcony. Apologies to my cancer-stick-sucking friends, but there is a nice roof deck. Wednesday is the official move day and so far my weekend has consisted of drinking, packing, Red Dead Redemption, packing, drinking, packing, Red Dead, packing, packing and drinking, drinking and Red Dead, packing. Oh and sleeping and eating at times.

– What I missed: Porn stars on Twitter. I was starting to end my foray into Twitter when a co-worker showed me a, uh, lovely picture. Then he gave me some porn names to start following and well, I guess I’ll be keeping my Twitter account. (I originally had “sticking to Twitter”, but that was the wrong impression.) The best part is when I explained to this married co-worker with four kids that anyone can see who he follows. He claims he can look his wife in the eyes and say “I follow porn stars.” Good luck with that. Especially when Kirsten Price posts pictures like this. (Because you’ll ask, these are the three he suggested: Kirsten_Price, RileySteele, and JesseJane. And yes they tweet pics from the set.)


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4 responses to “Weekly Update.

  1. mom

    So very cool, as in life in death I should be forever in something not of the norm.

  2. ces

    p.s. I get 25% off the coffe b/c the company I work for owns it so if anyone would like to try it, let me know, ill order it, and you can just give me $.

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