Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below)

– Boxing: Floyd Mayweather dominated Shane Mosley last night.  He won 11 rounds on two score cards and 10 rounds on the other against The Ring’s third best pound-for-pound fighter (Mayweather also abused their fourth best last year).  Floyd made Shane look old and mediocre, even though Shane rocked Floyd in the second.  Once the third round started it became a Mayweather fight where he lands 40%+ of his punches and his opponent barely touches him.  Everyone will scream for a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, but Floyd said after the fight that if Manny doesn’t take the Olympic-style drug test then there would be no fight.

  • The Mexican Ginger won his PPV debut fight against Jose Miguel Cotto.  Saul has to work on some of his defense, but that is probably because this was his first tough fight, and he’s only 19.
  • Paul Williams (my second favorite active fighter) takes on Kermit Cintron on May 8th.  If you missed the Mayweather/Mosley fight, it will be replayed that night.
  • I had a post entitled “Mayweather will win (and Blake just jinxed him)” that I got about half done on Wednesday then deleted because I really did think I would jinx him.  Now that he turned in one of his best performances of his career, I may have to revisit that article because really, I am at a loss for how someone beats him.

– Regrow bones with biotech: Mice were able to regenerate their bones three times faster than normal when scientists (not mad, but not happy either, more like placid) injected certain proteins into the bones of the mice.  (Wired)

– Song listings: This site compiles songs you hear on Treme so you can listen to themThis site just lists the songs that were played on 24/7.  (Treme – Brosnan; 24/7 – HBO’s Twitter)

– Bulletproof tissue paper: Scientists have been trying for many years to make bulletproof t-shirts out of spider silk, but now they think they’ve found a better way to make shirts that stop bullets.  From the article: “Paper is made of wood fibers compressed together,” said Brian Korgel, a scientist at the University of Texas at Austin and co-author of a new paper in ACS Nano that describes the germanium nanowires. “In this case, we took bulk semiconductors, turned them into nanowires and compressed them together to make a material with a tissue paper consistency.”  (Discovery)

– Camera speed synced to helicopter’s spinning blade: And when that happens, this happens:  (Geekologie)

– Healthy people cost more than fat people and smokers: The study is from 2008 and basically says that since cancer-stick suckers and fat asses die earlier… they are less of a burden long-term.  So smoke up, be merry, and fuck thin non-smokers who live too long and are too much of a “cost to society”.  (Reason)

– Hubble telescope doesn’t take dope pictures: They really receive those “stunning” pics in black and white, then filter them with color and some artistic intervention.  Here’s how they enhanced the Eagle Nebula.  (New Scientist)

– The Sun in HD: A new satellite is bringing back some insane shots of the Sun:  (Core77)

– Did you know T.I.’s back? He kinda wants you to know.  (Wooten)

– Night vision on your cellphone: Eventually.  A paper thin film has been developed that they will be able to put on cellphones and eyeglasses, among other objects.  (Discovery)

– Baller room: This is a 12 seat restaurant at the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa that they turned into a bedroom temporarily for their 5-year anniversary:  (Gizmodo)

– Mythbusters: Women and redheads have higher pain thresholds, at least in their test of 75 people sticking their hands in 1 degree water for up to 3 minutes.  (Yeah, we called this the Manliest Man Contest at Hilton Head in 2000.  Bunk and I drew on that one because everyone else thought we’d get frostbite.  For the record, I still think I would have outlasted him.)  If you are feeling pain, swearing helps to reduce it.  Finally, propane tanks most likely won’t shoot up like a rocket if one is in your burning shed.  However, if the safety release pump is broken, the bottom weakened in the right spot, and the tank isn’t completely full, then it may shoot up into the air.  So be careful.  Or something.

– Tank go boom: Me like:  (Landis)

– White on white crime: FSU will rock all white against Oklahoma this year.  Actually not bad, I kinda dig the helmet:  (Uni Watch)

– The Marks’ Financial Update:

  • MDH – Who goes to the New Orleans Jazz festival and doesn’t tweet at all about it??  Very disappointed in Harter, who has yet to tweet anyway, and investors agreed with me as he shot up on Thursday (the day he arrived in NOLA) but slid down to end the week.  He started these last two weeks at $3.20 and ended at $3.72 to continue his steady climb this year.
  • MAB – Bunk also went to the Jazzfest, but he isn’t on Twitter, so investors were happy to see him leaving his Orlando shell for the weekend.  He was flat from April 21st to April 23rd at $14.40, but gained 46 cents to close this week at $14.86.  Maybe Bunk is starting to turn around here.
  • MFL – Mark Lee made the biggest decision of his life this weekend, and I can’t tell if investors knew on Friday or not.  We’ll have to wait until Monday to see the market’s reaction to the hitching of Mark Lee and Sharon, but he hit his high on Wednesday and slid down both Thursday and Friday.  The last two weeks started off well as he went from $13.66 to $13.87, but again he ended down from his high at $13.78.  Oh, and congratulations Mark and Sharon.

– What you missed: You can’t stop the Blakes.  My dad’s grandmother lived to be 95, and his mom is still rocking at 81.  She was recently in a car accident in which she broke 14 ribs (8 on one side, 6 on the other).  She’s doing fine, or as fine as an 81 year old with 14 broken ribs laying in a hospital bed could be.  Luckily the “death panels” of Obamacare have decided she can get care… joking people, those don’t start up until 2014… still joking.  Kinda.  I’ve only been able to play phone tag with her so far, but she sounded much better than I was expecting on her message to me this morning.  The recovery will take time, but we know she’ll be good in the end.

– What I missed: Playoffs.  I have yet to watch a full game of either an NBA or NHL playoff game this year.  I’m not happy about it, but nor am I mad about it.  Most times I’ve been doing something else, other times I just completely forgot to check, and there were a couple times where I saw a game was on and said “fuck it” and chose not to watch.  For two professional sports I don’t really care for, it doesn’t help get my attention if the Knicks and Rangers aren’t playing.  Also what doesn’t help is hockey being on Versus and Versus HD being in some random grouping of channels I never check.  I did see Paul Pierce’s game winner against the Heat, if that counts for anything.


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  1. Ben

    Grandma is bionic. According to Doctor four broken ribs and punctured lung is mandatory ICU – 14 usually means prep the morgue. Grandma left hospital by sunday and went to a rest home not a rehabilitation clinic, because she was too healthy for rehab according to doctors. I shit you not. Not sure when she will drive again, but Dad and I are thinking a call to Morgan Freeman may be in order.

    • Ben

      Oh yeah also – Hopkins monitors Hubble. They built most of it or something. Anyway fraternity brothers of mine had jobs as part of student aid where they had to handle PR for Hubble. It meant answering such classic questions (we use to read the emails printed by bored brothers): “What does God look like?” “Why won’t you reveal the location of Heaven “And isnt it true when you look in someone looks back and the government is covering it up?” and lots of questions about aliens.

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