Weekly Update.

(WARNING: No naked chicks below)

– Boxing: Manny Pacquiao fights Joshua Clottey tonight in the Cowgirls’ stadium for Pac-Man’s WBO welterweight title.

– Axes: When Ces sent me this link I could have sworn I had posted it in one of the emails back in November.  I didn’t.  You can buy a nice axe here via Best Made Company.  Like you wouldn’t just start breaking down doors with this:  (Ces)

– Shoot some sticks: This pool table is cool, but it’s not the pool table.  The effects are made by a projector in the ceiling.  Still, looks cool as shit:

– Help the Homeless Shelter of Hoboken: At the A&P around 6th and Clinton, there should be someone representing the Homeless Shelter who will give you a list of supplies.  You go in, buy those supplies, then donate them to the shelter when you come outside.  As Wooten says, this is the perfect combination of shame and convenience.  (Wooten)

– And help the kids, too: So Sharon (Mark’s Sharon) was grading her students’ papers from their recent class trip to the bank.  She said everything was going fine until this gem popped up from one of her female students:

– Paint by numbers toilet paper: Though judging by the key at the bottom, it’ll all be one color:  (Geekologie)

– Am I getting jealous of Verizon customers? They are going to get NFL Mobile on their phones.  This will allow them to watch the RedZone Channel on the go, stream the draft, Saturday night, and Thursday night games.  Fuck you, Harter.  (Engadget)

– Smoke rings: Hey Blake, what happens if a red smoke ring and a blue smoke ring collide?  Well funny you should ask:  (Boing Boing)

– 5 Phone Apps For College: I like the “Roommate Near Alarm” and the “Dollar Menu Generator”.  It’s from College Humor so unfortunately these aren’t real.  (College Humor)

– Reflection Eternal: DJ Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli are teaming back up for the first time since 2000.  Here’s their first video.  (Wooten)

– Chatham rumor mill: According to Karmel’s dad’s girlfriend’s neighbor (seriously Karmel?), Coach Todd Irving was a flight attendant prior to being a teacher in the Chathams.  This led to some good Irving stories last night, and I still remember him putting me in the middle of the dark gym in the morning before 8th grade because I was “acting up” in the hallways.  He made me sit on a chair at mid-court.  I think I then started to push myself around the gym on said chair.

– The Pacific: The HBO mini-series premieres tomorrow night.  Don’t let this end up on “What you missed” next week.

– Life: No, not the shitty Eddie Murphy movie, but basically Planet Earth: The Sequel.  This premieres next Sunday night (March 21st) on Discovery.  The narrator is Oprah though.

– Americans be thriving: With all the doom and gloom news, or something, about 54% of Americans classify their lives as “thriving.”  Yeah, I know, but it was a slow week so that’s why this gets in:  (Gallup)

– Twitter update: Blake has 34 followers (up from 33).  No RTs, no mentions.  I didn’t even have a tweet from myself that I liked.

– Tweet of the week: I admit, this one isn’t funny.  It comes from author Neil Gaiman (neilhimself), a staple in the Blake Household.  Gaiman is kinda the reason I know I actually suck as a writer.  I would probably have written something like “holy shit, bitches got faces pulled tight up hurr.”  Anyway, this is one of his tweets from the Oscars.  I love how “scary-sweet plastic surgery faces” sounds:

“I am up on the mezzanine level. There are lots of ladies with scary-sweet plastic surgery faces and elderly husbands up here.”

– What you missed: Larry Johnson signed with the Redskins.  What’s most surprising?  That back on November 10th, I tweet this to Adam Schefter (Adam_Schefter) of ESPN Insider fame:

@Adam_Schefter you know LJ’s going to skins. Portis and Betts banged up? Gotta be the leaders.

– What I missed: The NCAA Basketball Tournament.  I know, I know, it hasn’t happened yet.  But for the first time since 1985, the University of Arizona will not be participating.  The only team in the tourney for the Blakes to root for is Papa Blake’s alma mater Lehigh.  On the plus side, Lehigh is on their 4th in a row, so 21 more years and they’ll tie Arizona’s.

– Notes on the site: Next week the Update will be delayed due to Blake being in Vegas.  Hopefully I’ll post it on Monday.

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  1. Dang It, I really wanted some naked chicks. xD

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