Weekly Update.

– Boxing: The Mayweather/Mosley press tour kicked off this week, which made me realize I totally forgot that Manny Pacquiao is fighting Joshua Clottey on March 13th.  The people I talk boxing with have all been talking about the Mayweather fight and only mentioning Pacquaio for turning down a $25 million drug test.

  • Devon Alexander (19-0, 12 KOs) fights Juan Urango (22-2-1, 17) Saturday night on HBO Boxing After Dark to unify the WBC and IBF 140-pound titles.  Devon is an up-and-coming southpaw from The Lou’ (St. Louis, for those not in the know).
  • Over on Shotime, also on Saturday, Vic Darchinyan (33-2-1, 27) fights Rodrigo Guerrero (13-1-1, 9) at Super Flyweight (they’ll come in around 116 lbs).  You can skip this, but you may miss a nice knockout since that’s what Vic does.
  • As I said above, March 13th is the Pacquiao fight, then on March 27th the Super Six Middleweight Tournament starts up again (sans Jermain Taylor who we last left twitching on the canvas).  April is packed after an empty February.  Things are picking up.
  • James Toney to try UFC.  James ate himself out of the Heavyweight division and that makes me uncertain he could do anything in the MMA format (go see the very last Blake’s Takes for my thoughts on UFC).  This is actually old news but he signed a contract recently and ESPN ran with it.

– Sleep pods: Supposed to allow you to fall asleep right away so you can take a nap while at work.  Metronaps, which lets you rent or buy their EnergyPods (apparently only available in the UK and Australia), claims a brief nap leads to 34% more productivity and 100% more alertness:

– Things in slow-motion: A reader of Geekologie sent that site this video of shit being smashed:  (Geekologie)

And then Boing Boing had this commercial for Pedigree up, showing dogs in slow-mo:  (Boing Boing)

– Chimp in rehab: Oh Russia, you’re so fucked up even your animals drink too much.  A chimp from a zoo now has to go to rehab for being an alcoholic and a smoker.  (Boing Boing)

– Dirty Jerz: Who doesn’t love the Turnpike?  The Smoking Gun compiled some fantastic complaints of toll collectors along the Turnpike.  The lesson to be learned here is to not pay in pennies, don’t bring a $100 bill, and if the toll collector is ordering a pizza with extra pepperoni, let him finish.  (The Smoking Gun)

– Being a Yankee hater will ruin your life: Seriously, you’ll be into cross-dressing, trying to kill people with anthrax, and you will develop a sick obsession with the sowhoreity Kappa Kappa Gamma.  (The Smoking Gun)

– The Geneva Motor Show: I’m not a huge car guy, but some great pics/cars here.  (Telegraph)

– Moon over Kandahar: Who doesn’t like a moon shot? (though I think Bunk prefers pressed ham)  (Michael Yon Online)

– Rube Goldberg Machines: A “deliberately over engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion,” according to Wiki.  Rube was a cartoonist and one cartoon he drew in the 1920s was of Professor Butts and his complex inventions.  Here’s a Japanese show depicting a RGM cracking an egg into ramenHere’s Pee-Wee’s breakfast RGM, but this all started because OK GO released a new video for “This Too Shall Pass”:

– More volcano lightning: Linked to one of these a couple of weeks ago, here’s another shot of some lightning forming from an eruption:  (Discovery)

– Flat keyboard: This keyboard would be like typing on a big touchscreen, therefore if you aren’t a fan of typing on the iPhone or Droid then I doubt you’ll like typing on this.  I think Penny’ll like the look of it though:  (Gizmodo)

– The Vault: Watch highlights and games of March Madness from after 2000 on your computer.  Go ahead and feel Blake’s pain when Zona lost to Illinois in 2005 after being up 15 with 4 minutes to play.  (NY Times)

– NCAA floor being made in timelapse: Timelapse is always good.  (Uni Watch)

– Hangover-free booze: That’s the plus side to adding more oxygen to our alcoholic drinks.  The downside?  You’ll sober up faster too.  Can I pick and choose which to put oxygen in?  Like St. Patty’s Day in Hoboken – oxygenate me so I can last all day.  (PopSci)

– Booze-filled whipped cream: Really, that’s all there is to say.  (Geekologie)

– America’s most decorated warrior: Colonel Robert L. Howard passed away on December 23rd, 2009, but Michael Yon Online posted this letter recently.  Colonel Howard was awarded 8 Purple Hearts, 2 Distinguished Service Crosses, 4 Legion of Merits, 4 Bronze Stars, and 1 Medal of Honor (among many more awards).  He was our only American to be nominated for a Medal of Honor 3 times, which happened in a 13-month period.  Unfortunately, the U.S. decided in 1918 that no person shall receive more than one Medal of Honor.  Yeah, so, what have you done with your life?  (Michael Yon Online)

– Train vs. Flood: Needs no explanation:  (Geekologie)

– Hydrofloors: It’s a floor that drops down to reveal a pool.  One minute it’s a ballroom, next minute (or like 30, they don’t really say) it’s an indoor pool.  (Gizmodo)

– Will Beatty has an iPhone app: He may be the Giants new starting left tackle so might as well grab it.  (Beatty’s Twitter)

– World Cup Kits: See that?  Blake’s worldly.  I knew they call them kits and not uniforms.  (Uni Watch)

– Another sport no one cares about: Mitchell and Ness are doing NHL hats now, worth checking out.  (Uni Watch)

– Eastbound & Down t-shirt: A whole bunch found here.  Possibly my favorite quote in the show:  (Ben)

– Cat’s Eye nebula: From NASA’s Flickr page (yes it’s real):

– Twitter update: Blake has 33 followers (up from 32).  No RTs or mentions this week either, and really no tweet from anyone else that made me laugh.  So we’re skipping Tweet of the week.

– The Marks Financial Update:

  • MFL – We last left Mark Lee at $12.78 and he finished this week at $13.20, which was a nice little run-up to St. Patty’s Day in Hoboken.  If you haven’t heard via word of mouth, (since Mark refuses to get with the times and promote via Facebook, Twitter, or Evite) Mark is having people tomorrow.  Investors like it, unless I just sent them scrambling in the after-market.  For the year, Mark is up 1.8% and is up about 30% for a 52-week period.  Not bad.
  • MAB – Started at $15.25 two weeks, is now down to $14.57, putting him down 4.14% for the year and up only 23% for a 52-week period.  February 25th to March 3rd really did Bunk in, which was around the time he told me his one-year plan.  Yeah, Bunk, investors looooove your idea.
  • MDH – Harter came up from $1.82 to close at $2.05 today.  This run only puts him up 0.985% year-to-date, but he’s up a whopping 72.65% over a 52-week period.  Even more surprising to me is that he made the move from $1.80 to $2.05 in two days, the two days right before St. Patty’s Day in The ‘Boken.  People must not know Harter like we do…

– What you missed: The Marriage Ref.  I was waiting for Archer to run a little bit before switching over, and just had the TV on in the background (I swear).  Ref came on and I figured I’d give it a shot (seriously, I was not purposefully watching).  The couple I got to see was fighting because the husband spends more time grooming himself (think Jersey Shore GTL) than doing chores and spending time with the kids.  He would tan while his wife would rake the yard.  Seinfield and Tina Fey ruled in favor of the man.  Seriously?  Shaving chest hair is more important than taking your kids to their practices?  Even if my kid sucks at sports, I’ll still be there for him (that’s right, HIM).  Oh, the best part was the host said if he was a woman, he’d be a lesbian.  Very odd coming from a guy who looks, talks, and acts like he loves the cock.

– What I missed: NCAA Top 25.  What the fuck, have you looked at this list recently? UTEP (#24), Baylor (#21), and then right on the edge is Richmond and Northern Iowa.  Aren’t these teams all supposed to be completely off the radar then maybe come through in the tourney?  See, this is what happens when the Pac-10 sucks, you miss out on real teams filling out the Top 25.  Whatever, have fun when Cal fucks up your bracket.


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  1. mao

    Blake, thanks for the link to the World Cup kits. Uni Watch posted them but it’s actually from my blog: mao’s Football. Cheers.

  2. mao

    No problem at all. I was happy to see the link appear and enjoyed your weekly update.

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