Weekly Update.

– Boxing: If you were holding off on buying that Andre Berto shirt from last week, just know that a large fit me fine but is a little long in length.  Anyone smaller than me I’d recommend a medium.  All proceeds go to the Red Cross for their efforts in Haiti.

– Quiet helicopters: There’s more that goes into these blades than just the shape, but who cares.  Shit looks dope:  (Gizmodo)

– Bread flinger: Southern India in the house.  Also,  I first read this as “bread finger”, so was kinda expecting something else:  (Boing Boing)

– Carnivorous plants may save lives: Some locals in India have been known to drink the nectar of plants that trap and kill insects.  Scientist have found that the nectar has fungi-killing compounds.  So India has cool bread tossers and locals that drink poison.  Nice.  (Yes, I know it’s not “poison”, but would you drink that shit?  Yeah, didn’t think so.)  (Discovery News)

– Seven hottest chicks right now: According to The World’s Best Ever.  I disagree with numbers 1, 3, and 7.  So let’s rename this “Four really hot chicks and some questionable ones right now”.  (The World’s Best Ever)

– Get Sum Poosie: Manny Ramirez is going to help promote the new strip-club themed energy drink called “Sum Poosie”:  (Brosnan)

– Speaking of strippers: NY Daily News reported that “pole dancing” may be a test sport in the 2012 Olympics.  I’m a fan already.  Most surprising?  British chicks are the ones backing the “sport”.  Seriously England, you think you’re gonna beat us in this??  (NY Daily News)

– Group litters street, calls it art: Kidding, kinda.  They took books and attached lights to them then put them in the middle of the road so literature could replace traffic:  (unurth)

– Stop-motion in the house: Here’s a bunch of bricks in a dark roomHere’s a bunch of sticky notes on a wall showing Mickey Mouse.  (The World’s Best Ever, bricks; Boing Boing, mickey)

– Harter’s a man: According to a recent survey by AdMob Mobile Metrics, 73% of Android owners are male.  (Engadget)

– Spider hair on food packaging: Scientist have found a way to coat surfaces in spider hair, which is naturally water resistant.  Also, as water slides off the surface it will collect dirt thereby making the surface self-cleaning.  OK, so I lied, they aren’t really using spider hairs and are instead mimicking the hairs on a spider’s body.  (Institute of Nanotechnology)

– Light art performance photography: Not sure what that means, and here’s a video that shows how Dana Maltby creates this stuff, but this looks dope:  (Boing Boing)

– Rich hedge fund managers’ hot daughters: Some are kinda young, but who cares?  They’re loaded.  Study up so you know who to go for.  (Dealbreaker)

– Armored golf carts: Exactly what they sound like:  (Geekologie)

– ACORN rebrands: In New York they are calling themselves New York Communities for Change.  So there’s another organization you can avoid.  (Brosnan)

– Now that’s a keychain: I don’t know what I did with the Leatherman Mrs. Ces bought us for graduation but this thing crushes the Leatherman.  It’s called the Guppie:  (Gizmodo)

– Health care insurance reform: Sorry, I really really wanted to be politics-free this week.  It’s not my fault they held a farce of a “summit” on the issue on Thursday.  Anyway, the left loves claiming that health insurance companies sacrifice patients’ health for profits.  Weird thing to say about the 86th most profitable industry (by profit margin, or profit divided by revenue).  Since the beer industry is just under 8 times more profitable, when are politicians going to start trying to take over our beer?  (Carpe Diem)

– Marquis Daniels shirt: Really it’s his chain, but Palma’s mix up led to 60 emails so figured I’d stick with it.  So yeah, basketball player Marquis Daniels has a big ass chain, er shirt… of his own head:  (Money)

– Let me sum up Arizona’s basketball season: With one picture:

– Damian Marley and Nas: They’ve collaborated on an African-themed album that’s due out on 4/20 (you think I was gonna write “April 20th”?  Come on.)  This song is entitled “As We Enter”.  (Wooten)

– Lingerie model gets gangsta wit it: This chick below was running one of the world’s largest drug gangs:  (Telegraph)

– Ever wonder what RZA sampled for “Ice Cream”? Me either, but here it is (kicks in at :45).  (Phonte’s Twitter)

– Twitter update: Blake has 32 followers (down from 33).  Fuck it.  Just… fuck it.  No RTs and no mentions.

– Tweet of the week: This week goes to Busta Rhymes (BusaBusss).  Mainly because of the ways people have described their followers (tweeples, twitterverse, twitterville, etc), I had not seen “twiggas”:

“It don’t stop twiggas, Me and @raekwonicewater in the lab cheffin’ some unbelievable fine cusine fa yall right now!!!”

Which he accompanied with this pic:

– What you missed: Archer.  I told you it’d still be here.  Miss the marathon on Thursday?  Womp womp.  Why?  Told you last week and texted you, too.  This week it got renewed for a second season of 13 episodes, so you got time to catch up.  Again, Hulu is slowly putting up full episodes as the first three are now there.

– What I missed: Funny Or Die Presents.  It’s an HBO show that airs on Fridays at midnight (or Saturdays, if you want to be a dick about it).  They basically run a few of their videos from online on TV.  I’m sure they aren’t putting the videos marked for death on the show, so it should be funny.  Just don’t know how I missed something like that.  See?  I’m not perfect.  Extremely close to perfect, but not quite.

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