Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Nothing new, but ladies: if you are in Dallas for the NBA All-Star game, Floyd Mayweather Jr would like to give you $100.  Just approach him and he’ll give you the money, though he cautions: “U gota b fine 2 get da $.”

– Curling is for hotties? I didn’t see this on Deadspin, With Leather, nor Kissing Suzy Kolber.  If it was on some site that I no longer go to, then sorry for the repeat.  Anyway, Claudia Toth curls (is a curler?) for the Austrian team and you should know about her:

– Stop motion metropolis: Charlotte, NC in stop motion.  Called “Metropolis” by Rob Carter.  (The World’s Best Ever)

– BlaccuWeather: Need I say more?  (Brosnan)

– Wal-Mart TV smasher: A dude smashed 29 TVs (some websites reported 27, but I’ll take Smoking Gun’s side):

– V-Day: Considering the only Valentine’s card/gift I’m going to get is from my Mom (thanks, Mom), I’m probably not the best to ask what gifts to get.  But you could get her rootbeer-flavored roses, breathable chocolate, or a mouse that looks like a vagina:

Rub the clit to scroll and hit the g-spot for your favorite website.  Why wouldn’t she like this?  (Rose, chocolate: Discovery; mouse: Gizmodo)

– America still killin’ it: With “5% of the world’s population [Americans] have received more than 22% of the world’s patents over the last century” and if you took just the U.S. exports, we’d have the 8th largest GDP in the world.  (Carpe Diem)

– How do we help low achievers in high school? In Berkley, California, you fire four science teachers and use their salaries for programs to help kids that are struggling in school.  That sentence actually makes sense to someone.  (Wooten)

– That’s a big ass rat: It’s native to South America and is called a capybara.  Still, it’s a rat and this lady kept it as a pet:  (Wooten)

– Think lightning is cool? I know Marky-pooh used to watch the lightning come in with Papa Bunk, so here’s a link to a gallery of slow-motion videos of lightning.  Really cool.  (Wired)

– What about lightning from a volcano? Didn’t think it was possible:  (Boing Boing)

– Beer is good for your bones: Seriously.  It has high amounts of silicon, which we know is good for boning (no?  Fake tit joke didn’t go over well?).  (Discovery)

– Vaccines don’t work so well on fat people: Their fat gets in the way.  (Boing Boing)

– Get ready for pig-lung transplants: Scientists have genetically engineered a pig lung to oxygenate human blood.  (Pop Sci)

– Hate using an iPhone with gloves on? Or any touchscreen phone for that matter?  Well, just get a thin sausage and you’re golden.  What surprises me is that the Koreans figured this out.  (Boing Boing)

– iPhone apps: CNN Money lists the 9 apps they think are the best.  (Jimmy)

– Wondering what Dolph Lundgren is up to? I wasn’t either, but looks like he’s been singing, drumming, and doing karate all this time:  (Boing Boing)

– Space pics: They got a good shot of the Orion Nebula (the “smudge” or spot hanging below Orion’s belt):  (Wired)

And also of the shuttle Endeavour’s lift off:  (Pop Sci)

– Ballin’ Ass Oil Company: Founders of Cash Money Records (yes, of Weezy fame), Birdman and Slim Williams, have started an oil companyBronald Oil, is the name if you’re interested.  (Alan)

– Google Buzz launched: Don’t get pissed at all the shit I share on Google Reader showing up in your “Buzz” folder on Gmail.  It’s just more reason why you should be on Reader in the first place.  Also, I think I might just make it so my “Buzz” folder only contains stuff from Landis, since they stole his nickname and all.

– Twitter update: Blake has 35 followers (down from 36).  No RTs nor mentions.

– Tweet of the week: Since you aren’t watching Archer, and I really don’t know why you aren’t, I’ll give his Twitter account (codenameduchess) some props:

“Ladies: if you’re an overnight guest in my home, do NOT use my towel.  If I wanted to rub your ass on my face, I would’ve said something.”

– What you missed: Mac on Lost.  He was actually kinda terrible and was literally playing Mac from Always Sunny instead of a some dude who’s been stuck on an island.  Unfortunately, he died.  Oh, sorry, SPOILER: he dies.

– What I missed: Arizona’s current NCAA Tournament streak is officially only 9, and our highest was 14.  Technically, we’ve played in 25 straight (two away from UNC’s record of 27) but in 1999 Jason Terry took some cash and we had to vacate that year.  Either way, all I’m hearing is how shocking it is that UConn and UNC won’t be in the tournament this year.  I would be pissed, but then I remembered that we don’t play on ESPN so why would ESPN care about us?


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  1. Bunker

    I clicked on the website for the article about firing teachers in favor of programs and got a pop offering me a deal on Sarah Palin’s book or Glen Beck’s book… life is made of hard decisions.

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