Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Blake is fucking ecstatic right now.  “Sugar” Shane Mosley and “Pretty Boy” Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr are signed to fight on May 1st in Vegas.  I don’t know anyone who wants to buy the Pacquiao/Clottey fight, but everyone I know who likes boxing wants to see the Mayweather/Mosley fight.  So fuck you, again, Bob Arum.

– Need to lose weight? Go atop a mountain and do nothing, eat as much as you want, and the weight will even stay off when you get back.  Now I know how Bardon got his svelte look.  (Come on, that rock climbing shit is crap)  (Wired)

– Spray-on glass: Put it on a plant to keep it from getting a fungus.  Spray it on your counters to keep them bacteria free.  But no, Dad, you can’t spray it on a “hole” to make a new window.  (Discovery)

– Tits for a mouse pad: Why not?  (Geekologie)

– And again, why not? (Geekologie)

– Americans are stupid? The President, commentators, and other members of Congress have made the suggestion that the American public is stupid and that’s why the health care bill is going to fail.  Here’s an excellent response to that suggestion.  And here’s my favorite excerpt (emphasis added):  (Dad)

“Man with nice voice also need to explain why it so bad that U.S. spend more on health care than other countries. U.S. spend more on clothes and iPods, too. People in U.S. have more what called “discretionary income.” Only spend small share of paycheck on food and rent, so lots left over. Old man want to get knee fixed, why stop him? Him want to buy big new tender woman parts to make hot young trophy wife even hotter, what wrong with that? Seem kind of silly, sure. But man with nice voice need to point out where in Constitution it say White House get to make that call for him.

– Speaking of Man With Nice Voice: Him and his sidekick are, as individuals with their own money, extremely uncharitable.  Americans making between $15,000 to $30,000 in AGI (adjusted gross income) give an average of $1,916.  Biden was making $236,000 AGI and gave $283 a year from 1998 to 2006.  Obama was little better, making $243,000 and giving $2,187.  I think I give more to bums on the street in a year than Biden.  Of course, Obama doesn’t want you going to Vegas.  (And I could go on a whole rant about those “greedy Wall Street bankers” and how fucking charitable they are… but what’s the point.)  (Carpe Diem)

– Porn in 3D: Yes, eventually a money shot will be flying towards your face.  (Geekologie)

– But maybe you won’t have it in your living room: Wired lists 4 things that could keep 3D from going mainstream.  (Wired)

– How to buy a new phone: Boy Genius Report reaches out to an inside man to explain timing and how to haggle for it.  (Boy Genius Report)

– How to pick locks: Because you need to know this stuff.  (Alan)

– Motion blur pictures: Now I’m no expert in photography, but I think you aren’t supposed to have blurred motion.  Anyway, Gizmodo asked its readers to submit some good blur photos and the gallery is kinda cool.  Here’s Blake’s favorite:  (Gizmodo)

– Batteries made from casings: Car parts, cellphone casings, laptop shells, eventually all of these could be “batteries”.  This quote sums it up: “[Y]ou might have a mobile phone that is as thin as a credit card because it no longer needs a bulky battery.”  Nanotechnology, the wave of the future!  (<— I’m such a nerd.)  (The Institute of Nanotechnology)

– Harter made not the worst choice: Because I couldn’t say “Harter made the right choice.”  Anyway, if you look at Verizon ads, Droid is for men while the Palm Pre is for women.  (Engadget)

– Apps for NYC: Here’s a list of apps for both iPhone and the Droid that are specific for NYC.  Also, the Ocho Cinco app is now available for the Droid.  (Harter)

– In a Super Bowl box pool? Here are you chances of winning.  Good luck.  (Alan)

– Hate smoking with winter gloves? Then go buy some smoking mittens.  (Wooten)

– More fodder for Ben: My brother thinks that MMA is successful because it promotes white people.  Basically, that it’s racist.  Anyway, more churches are mixing church and MMA.  Hey – pray, fight, then pray some more.  (McCarthy)

– It’s LAX, bruh: Some cool gloves from Brine:  (Uni Watch)

– 1996 NBA Rookies: My question is what the fuck is Reggie Geary doing in this shot?  I love the UA and all, but the dude was picked 3rd to last that year, everyone else in this shot was in the top 18.  Also, it looks like Jermaine O’Neal is used to being in a lineup:  (Uni Watch)

– This is a hand: Honestly:  (Dad)

– Twitter update: Blake has 36 followers (up from 24).  I was RT’d 4 times and mentioned 7 times.  Floyd Mayweather Jr asked where he should go last night in Miami, I tweeted that he should go to Ocho Cinco’s mansion party and cricepr RT but made it look like Ocho Cinco RT’d me…  Anyway, gained about 9 followers because of it.

– Tweet of the week: I think it’s time I get a little more honest about Twitter.  I keep trying to tell you guys that it isn’t a bunch of “omg”s and shitty spelling everywhere.  Then I started following DeSean Jackson (deseanjackson10):

“What A Life!!!! I’m A MaN!!! And Its PleNtY Shiiiit I’m OuT hEre TaKn Care of….. Trust That… I’m the MAN of Tha HOuSE cALL mE POpPa…..”


– The Marks Financial Update:

  • MAB – Rough week for Bunk as he got as high as $15.52 on Monday to come sloping down to $14.80 on Thursday.  Friday he picked himself up and finished the week at $15.05.  Bunk is definitely a Friday-type kind of guy.  My guess for this week is that he had to interview people, and we all know Bunk can’t handle responsibility like that.
  • MDH – Harter loves this $2 range but just can’t stay flat.  He has to go up to $2.15 to come down to $1.91 to finish at exactly $2.  I’d buy Harter for $2.  Though I think his chart is as volatile as his Super Bowl Sunday decision.  Go home.  Stay in Hoboken.  Hang with his Dad.  Hang with the Palmas.  It’s tough life, being a Mark.
  • MFL – Mark Lee was cruising right along this week right up to the point when Blake heard rumors of a possible move to Chatham.  Hence, Mark went from $13.13 on Thursday to $12.97 on Friday once he confirmed to Blake that he was “just looking.”  A little back and forth email exchange and Blake’s not totally worried that he’ll lose this Mark to the ‘burbs, allowing Mark to close the week at $13.01.

– What you missed: 24/7 with Jimmie Johnson.  Watched the first episode last night with Woobag, we both agree that Liev Schreiber could make watching Wooten’s life entertaining.  Has the same feel as the boxing ones they’ve done and I think this one is safe for the wifies to watch as well.  You should watch for Chandra Johnson (she’s pregnant but like early pregnant and you can’t tell).

– What I missed: The Grammys.  It’s cool though because on Twitter I could see who was winning the awards as they were announced, plus I found out stuff like “Taylor Swift is off” and other crap like that.  I’m not an awards show fan anyway, so not pissed I missed this.  (I know this is a weak WIM but my other choice was that computer nerds love the IBM Model M keyboard.  So yeah, I went with the Grammys.)

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