Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Again, no Andre Berto/Shane Mosley fight, which is a shame.

  • JuanMa Lopez and Yuriokis Gamboa both knocked out their opponents on Saturday night.  Yuriokis was way more impressive when he scored a 2nd round KO on a guy who took JuanMa the distance.  Watch the KO here.  Skip to 1:40 to see the first knockdown in the 2nd round and then to 2:20 to see why they stopped it.
  • Here’s my question: if I told you that Golden Boy Promotions had just signed one of the hottest up-and-coming boxers from Mexico last week, whose name is Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and De La Hoya was “giddy” and calling that day “a historical” one, would you expect that I was talking about a ginger?  Here’s Saul:

Mind blowing right?

– Politics: I had to pass along these poll results from Gallup who were seeing how the population approved of Obama.  They broke it down by education levels (surprise, postgraduates love them some ‘bama), and then they broke it down by race:  (Gallup)

And we think whites are racist?

– State of the Union: The one thing that drove me nuts, no, you’re right…  The thing that drove me most nuts was the claim that no one on the right has proposed a counter-plan to the Democrats.  Here’s John “Can Barack Stop Stealing My Ideas” McCain:  (RealClearPolitics, emphasis added)

“Well, if the president or the Democrats had invited us over to sit down and seriously negotiate, they would have heard — and I don’t know how they missed it — that we have many proposals ranging from medical malpractice reform, which there’s none in the Democratic proposal, to buying insurance across state lines, to rewards for wellness and fitness, to establishing risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions, to encouraging health savings account.”

You may disagree with what Senator McCain is proposing, but they have proposed something.

– Hugo Chavez: Not only is he bat-shit insane (he thinks the US can create earthquakes), he is also losing his hold in his country and South America.  Thank God that Chile is growing some balls, er cajones.  (Dad, Ben)

– Donations: Next time someone tries to tell you that health insurance companies are ruining the debate on healthcare reform, respond with “Yes, I know, I can’t believe they are backing the Dems this much either.”  From 2009 to now, the only industries to donate more money to Republicans than Democrats were Oil & Gas and Automotive.  In 2008, more money from the financial industry and healthcare industry went to Obama and the Democrats as well.  So this is a roundabout way of saying Nancy Pelosi is a moron.  (opensecrets.org)

– Enough of that shit: Here’s some titties to make up for the political rant:  (Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls)

Always in good taste.

– iPad: Briefly, there will be a place for the Kindle as long as tablets, iPads, whatevers don’t use e-ink.  You think your eyes love having light shone in them for hours at a time from mere inches away?  E-ink is currently the best mimic for a book.  So don’t be surprised to find out people will own a Kindle, an iPhone, an iPad, a Macbook, and an iMac.  By people I mean Blake.  (Not really, I’m just getting it in your head in case it does happen).  Also, the name sucks and as NY Times points out, when women hear “pad” they immediately think of “that time of month.”

– Dope Ride: Got $70?  It’ll get you a ride and a joint with the driver Al of Al’s Limos.  (McCarthy)

– Golf gets worse: A company named Skins is developing “Under Armour-ish” gear for the golf course.  So if you thought you couldn’t dress gayer for the greens, think again:  (Uni Watch)

– Tasty milk: Here’s a shot by Bram from a convenience store in Japan.  It’s a grapefruit, vinegar, and milk drink.  Some flavor…:  (Bram)

Also, you should definitely check out Bram’s category “Engrish” on his site.  He teaches English in Japan and has collected some great writings from his students.

– Ah, censorship: Fourth and fifth graders at Menifee Union school district in Southern California are no longer allowed to use the Merriam-Webster 10th edition dictionary because it contains the definition for “oral sex.”  I mean, why have your kids actively try to learn or anything?  (Boing Boing)

– More stupid policies: In the UK it’s apparently discriminatory to “unreliable” workers if your ad asks for “reliable” workers.   (Dad)

– Miniature photography: It looks kinda real, but it isn’t.  All props on a small scale:  (Boing Boing)

Plenty more pictures here, also explains what’s in each shot.

– Skillz “’09 Rap Up”: Some years are better than others, but reminisce.  (Okay Player)

– Vote for the best butt: American Apparel needs your help in voting for the best ass.  (The World’s Best Ever)

– The Sun: All blue like.  This is a picture of its magnetic fields… because you care:  (Gearlog)

– Facebook: Yeah, I did it assbackwards and joined Twitter prior to Facebook.  I rarely take pictures of shit, so don’t expect that stuff.  I’ll probably just be that annoying guy who comments on your shit.  Kudos to Mark Lee who gave the most convincing argument as to why I should join Facebook.  That’s also the reason I went through his friends list first (is that kosher?  To just see who your friends’ friends are?).

– No wonder they’re pissed: The Pashtuns, a tribe in Afghanistan, are sexually confused.  Men do men and then deny it.  (Harter)

– Underwater sculptures: Not much to say except here are some sculptures… underwater:  (Boing Boing)

– Twitter update: Blake has 24 followers (flat).  We have 1 mention/RT.  Jason Whitlock, writer for foxsports.com and a paper in Kansas City, tweeted that he wrote an article on Greg Oden’s schlong.  Someone asked him why he wrote it and said that people like him make him sick, to which Whitlock replied “informed opinion.”  Here’s the order, from Whitlock’s response to mine to his:

WhitlockJason: “An informed opinion. RT @MelancholyG: @WhitlockJason why would you write an article about that? People like u make me sick.”

jblake33: “@WhitlockJason informed opinion on Oden’s cock? Don’t think I’d be saying that if I was you.”

WhitlockJason: “Your inability 2 comprehend doesnt surprise me. RT @jblake33: informed opinion on Oden’s cock? Don’t think I’d be saying that if I was you.”

– What you missed: Mass Effect 2.  Yeah yeah, you don’t play video games, you guys aren’t into science fiction, and you have live-in girlfriends who probably wouldn’t want to see you playing video games for 6 hour chunks of time.  But this game is good (understatement).  As of this writing the lowest score the game has received on Metacritic’s site is a 90.  It’s an action/role-playing game set in space (I know, I lost you).  You kill people, aliens, animals, and who knows what else.  You already missed the best selling game (or rather highest grossing piece of entertainment) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and now you are going to miss one of the greatest games ever.  Oh well, I tried.

– What I missed: Everything.  Go read the above.  I came home from work one day this week, sat down at 5:45 PM and went to bed at 1:45 AM.  Jesus, I used to lie about this stuff and would have said “yeah I play like an hour, two at the most, a night.”  But the universe needs saving and my character needs to get laid.  Yes, Bioware loves having “romantic” storylines with supporting characters.  All flavors too: guy-on-girl, girl-on-girl, guy-on-alien.


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3 responses to “Weekly Update.

  1. Ben

    Technically Whitlock is right
    Comedically you are right

    Also got best renegade ending in 30 hours
    Still want to play more – what is total possible endings?

    • Yeah, unfortunately Whitlock didn’t understand.

      No clue on endings, I don’t start looking that stuff up until after I played. First time through I usually straddle the line of renegade/paragon. Bucheri and I saw you were at level 23 when we were both at 9. Enjoy these non-working days while you can!

      • Ben

        Haha. Yep. Enjoying

        Whitlock is an idiot anyway. Shocked you follow him. He is also an ugly man. I don’t think he has ever had a woman ask to see his cock so probably why he was excited about Odens story.

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