Blake’s Update Updated.

I have updated the site and added some new things that people have been requesting and some things I wanted to see added myself.

– New Pages: To go along with Blake’s Takes, Charities, Ben’s AGWM Article, Home, and About.

  • Watch: I may not see a lot of movies, but I know enough of what people should be seeing.  I’ll add/delete as new movies come out or if I watch an older movie that I think you should see.  I’ll also list TV shows that may not be on your radar.
  • Play: I’ll put up games that I am currently playing, though keep in mind I only play XBox 360 games so don’t ask about PS3 or PC.
  • Listen: Any new music I come across that I think is worth passing along will go here, as long as any I mention in an update.
  • Read: A list of books I just read, am currently reading, and am going to (at least try to) read.
  • Links: Each link under “Blake’s Favorites” gets an explanation, as I think there are some really good ones there.
  • The Marks: All of the Marks Financial Updates will be stored on this page.

– New banner: Bunk is going to provide me with a new banner every once in awhile (he claims once a week, but we won’t hold him to it).  I look forward to what he can come up with.  I told him to sign his name but the modest fucker didn’t.

– Facebook: Yeah, Blake finally sold out and got on it.  Poke me?  Is that what I ask you to do to me?  Be gentle.

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