Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Yeah, Pac-Man (Roid-Man?) v. Mayweather is still on hold due to all this hoopla. However, there’s a growing contingent that thinks this is just hoopla and hype for the fight.

– Essential iPhone Apps: Gizmodo has a list of apps they think you need on your phone. I would say Amazon, i.TV, Google Mobile, and I Am T-Pain should be on everyone’s iPhone. (Gizmodo)

– Weed gives you the munchies: No shit. But the Smithsonian writes on the science behind it. (The World’s Best Ever)

– But what does four tons of weed look like? Algerian border guards confiscated four tons on Tuesday: (Yahoo!)

– Camera Tossing: Get some lights, point your camera, add some exposure, click, toss and don’t drop. Wired has some reader submissions. Here’s one: (Wired)

– Do your parents have iPhones: My mom does and I think she needs the Lou Zoom that enlarges text on the phone. (The World’s Best Ever)

– Ten gadgets that defined the decade: At least according to Engadget. Apple has four on the list. (Engadget)

– Russia wants to blow up an asteroid: They think it will hit Earth. Real scientist say that chance is ultra-slim. Whatever, blow it up. (Wired)

– Wale: His album “Attention Deficit” isn’t terrible. Rap fans will like “Mirrors” with Bun B, and “TV In The Radio” with K’Naan. “90210” is funny and catchy. Ladies may like other tracks on here as well.

– Fantasy Football is over: I finished second to last in the Moonti league and third (to first, not to last) in the D League. This is where we only draft defensive players. For regular seasons I’ve finished 1st, 1st, and 2nd, and 3rd, 1st, and 3rd for playoffs in that league. Why is this paragraph here? To show you how no one cares about your fantasy team. Nothing is worse than Mondays and Tuesdays hearing about how someone did in their league over the weekend. Oh really? You sat a guy who would have given you a lot of points? No shit!

– Expose fake tits by flashlight: According to big-titted Shavon on “The Ruins”, if the lights are off and you shine a flashlight at fake boobs, they’ll glow. You can’t see it in the video here, but testimonials confirm it. (Gizmodo)

– Mythbusters: You can: stick your hand in molten lead (just dip it in cold water first), light a match with a bullet, and mail a coconut with no packaging. You can’t: use ear wax as a candle, make a Gorn cannon, wet your bed by sticking your hand in warm water.

– Nothing like a drunk senator: Max Baucus ladies and gentlemen: (Dad)

– Speaking of Politics: Don’t forget to check out Ben’s piece on Global Warming. Well written (though some may say well edited… no? no, me either) and informative. Hippies beware, there’s actual science in it.

– Twitter update: Blake has 23 followers (down from 24). No real mentions or RT (sorry Woo).

– Tweet of the Week: Paining all Giants fans with this one, but here’s Ian O’Connor (Ian_OConnor) of The Record trying to catch John Mara after the Carolina game:

“John Mara today, on postgame way to his car: “Please let me suffer in silence.” Says it all.”

– What I missed: Um, Black Eyed Peas sing “I Got a Feeling“? The “tonight’s gonna be a good night” song? How I didn’t know this I just don’t know, but that just gives me more reasons to kill them. If you haven’t heard Lil Wayne’s version, well then here’s a treat for you. Just so you know, Weezy gets his weed from the west and his pills from the east. Also on his “No Ceilings” mixtape, he claims he has “spit hanging from [his] mouth, retard flow.”

– What you missed: Yeah, you saw WVU/FSU were both wearing color yesterday but so was Air Force/Houston. Last year the away team would have been forced to use a timeout for a uniform infraction, however after USC/UCLA did it the NCAA realized that it could look real cool so fuck it. Not every game needs to be color-on-color (not a racist comment) but with no more black and white TVs I think we can do this a little bit more. It looks nice.

– Happy New Year: Here’s to a great 2010 for all. Always remember to learn shit.


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  1. Blake, you are now bookmarked on my favorites. If you aren’t familiar with the rapper Curren$y check out his 2009 albums “Jet Files” and “This Ain’t No Mixtape”. Dope.

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