Anthropogenic Global Warming – Ben Weighs In.

(Blake’s note:  I worked for awhile on an article about global warming and how people are going crazy about something that, well, we shouldn’t be going crazy about.  Eventually I realized that it would be too long and there was someone else who knows more and is more passionate about this subject.  The result is my brother’s long article on Anthropogenic Global Warming Movement (AGWM).  Here’s his intro with a link to the full article, you’ll also see a new page entitled “Ben’s AGWM Article”.  Take your time, read through the links, and, as always, learn shit.)

So I thought it would be fun (fun being my word for frustrating, headache inducing, teeth grinding hours of work – which is why I always say sex is so much fun, as is being a NY Giants fan) to try and tackle the Anthropogenic Global Warming Movement (AGWM) and its messiah Al Gore or as South Park so wisely named it Man Bear Pig:

Now before you call me a “denier” or “sexist capitalistic republican tree murdering polar bear strangling monster” I would like to point out in my defense I am what I call a humanist environmentalist – (and I actually voted for Gore in 2000 – oy vey – more on that another time).  I believe in protecting the environment for the purpose of leaving us a world in which man has the freedom to achieve his fullest potential.  That means do not poison the water with chemicals (no one needs another Cleveland), national parks are a great thing; perhaps instead of chopping down old growth forests use tree farms, dirty air is foulness (live in LA like I do and you know what a problem that is), evolution has created a nature that requires balance hence protecting species to maintain diversity is a good thing – basically try our best to live in some sort of harmony with the environment that we evolved in.  BUT – I am a humanist first.  I put the life of a single person above all else.  Its easy to tell someone that their means of transportation; acquiring food and energy consumption are not mother earth safe when your primary goal each day is not worrying about where your next meal comes from.  I wish the same passion I see people put into AGWM would go towards helping alleviate global poverty and the all the horrors that extend from it – and such as ethnic cleansing and death from diseases that have been wiped out in the developed world for around fifty years.

Remember as you read this and the vitriol fills you and the desire to flame us grows:  Click here to continue reading.  Click damn you!

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