Weekly Update.

– Boxing: The main news is that Kelly Pavlik won.  No?  Oh, right.  Yes the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is on hold due to Pacquiao being superstitious and not wanting to be pin pricked for blood within 30 days of a fight.  Sounds fishy.  Some points on this debacle:

  • We can’t blame the Mayweathers here – if they truly think Pacquiao has been doping then they clearly don’t want the normal testing and hence they asked for the Olympic testing.
  • The “It Will Throw Off My Schedule” argument is invalid – Uh, Manny?  For your last fight you suffered through a flood and couldn’t do your normal running.  So how’s getting pricked once going to change anything?  Also, Mayweather would have to succumb to same treatment.
  • “Mayweather Doesn’t Want Manny” – Really?  Floyd signed first.  Blake got into an argument at Davidoff (who argues at Davidoff??  I feel snobby just typing Davidoff) when the guy helping me said this.  Then he tried to claim I don’t watch boxing.  Ugh.
  • “Manny Doesn’t Want Mayweather” – I say this only because people say the above.  Didn’t everyone see Manny’s face after Cotto?  You can’t get hit like that and beat Mayweather.
  • “Manny Doesn’t Like Needles” – Um, then why does he have tattoos on his chest and arms?
  • And now Manny claims he’ll sue Mayweather over defamation.  Oy.

Anyway, HBO has their best fights on HBO On Demand and will replay the top 5 of the year starting this Saturday with Mayweather-Marquez.  You should watch Williams-Martinez (required viewing), Mosley-Margarito, Pacquiao-Cotto, and Mayweather-Marquez (just to see how dominant Floyd can be).

SeamlessWeb: I’m surprised not more people know about this, that’s why I haven’t put it in here.  Ever wish you could just order from menupages.com?  Well, you can.  Kind of.  Not every restaurant has signed up for this, but basically you enter your address (which you can then store along with your credit card) and the site tells you which places will deliver to you.  Never talk to a person again!  Except when they come to your door…  Oh and tip is predetermined, so tip carefully.  LA and Hoboken don’t have much, but it’s good even if for one place.  Also, if you live in the city and don’t know about this then I don’t know what’s wrong with you either.

– Why China will never overtake America: They sentenced Wu Ying, who defrauded the people of China of $113 million, to death.  Silly Communists.  (Dealbreaker)

– Learn how to use Google Wave: I haven’t figured Wave out yet.  Maybe more people need to be on it or I need to use it for work?  Either way, if you are confused as I am about it, here’s Wired’s how-to.  (Wired)

– See the lady in the leopard? Look close:

If you still can’t see her, go here. (Gizmodo)

– If you don’t like Apple: Then Gizmodo shows you the best alternative to each Apple product. (Gizmodo)

– Nanotechnology and diabetics: Together at last.  Special contacts will change color to alert the wearer of any change in glucose levels so they don’t have to routinely draw blood. (Institute of Nanotechnology)

– Carpe Diem continues to show us how great we have it: Woo put me on to this guy a year or two ago, and he always seems to have a great perspective on things (Perry, not Woo, come on).  Here’s some charts on how cheap technology has gotten. (Carpe Diem)

– Volcanos are cool at night too: Last week we saw one underwater, now here’s one at night.  Read and see more pics here.  Also you’ll find out that some people think they can survive the volcano.  (Wooten)

– Nothing says sold like “marijuana-reeking tour bus”: They had to remove the interior just to get the smell out.  The FDIC is going to enjoy rollin’ in this. (Bloomberg)

– The real Rain Man dies: Kim Peek at 58.  Worth clicking here to read quick obit and see a video on the guy. (/Film)

– Uni Watch explains the weird NFL uniforms you’ve been seeing: Most notable are the Giants, but Joseph Addai and Maurice Jones-Drew should ring a bell. (ESPN)

– Always Sunny’s Mac and Dee to open bar in Philly: aka Philly’s Continuing Attempt Not to Suck.  Kidding.  Sorta. (Wynn)

– 4,500 strippers are trying to sue Rick’s Cabaret: The ladies have fault with Rick’s classifying them as “independent contractors” and making them pay a fee to work there.  Sucks because that’s the EXACT reason I invest in RICK. (Landis)

– Arizona will wear white helmets in the Holiday Bowl: My question, why weren’t we wearing these the whole time? (Ross)

– Speaking of white: Did you know they paint hockey rinks white?  I didn’t, but now I do.  Slide #9 on this site. (Uni Watch)

– While we’re on white: Here’s a view of the blizzard from last weekend from space: (Wired)

– Smoking Gun’s 2009 Mug Shots Of The Year: Some good pictures here. (Dad)

– South Korea understands basics: “I think short guys are losers,” Lee Do-kyong.  Read about psycho parents having their four year olds injected so they grow. (Wooten)

– Landon Donovan joins Mark Lee’s EPL team: Mark Lee chose Everton, because he knew Donovan would land there. (SI)

– New Nike Christmas ads: That’s KRS-One as Santa and Lupe Fiasco as Blitzen.  I actually didn’t confirm this, so technically a guess.  You think I’m wrong?

– Twitter update: Blake has 25 followers (up from 24).  No mentions or RTs.  I promise an update on how why to use Twitter and why it’s not just for thirteen year old girls.

– Tweet of the Week: This one comes from Andre Berto (AndreBerto) and is about Manny Pacquiao not wanting to be drug tested:

“If I knew I was getin 40mil for a fight u can random drug test me night and day. While iam having sex, even naked in the rain if they want”

– The Marks’ Financial Update: See two weeks ago if you are confused about this entry.

  • MFL – Looks like my every-other-week attempt to jinx Mark Lee has finally paid off.  He hit $13.06 on December 12th, collapsed the next week then pulled himself up, got that dirt off his shoulder, and made a slight comeback to finish this shortened week.  Perhaps investors think Mark is in for a good Christmas.
  • MDH – Not following Mark Lee’s example, Harter started jumping up from a December 13th funk but check out the boost he got from going to the Giants/Eagles game two weekends ago.  Not bad for a Droider.
  • MAB – Something’s up with this guy and holidays.  He had a run-up during Thanksgiving and now he has another one to close this Christmas week out.  Even though he’s the only Mark to not contribute an idea to this site, it looks like he’ll finish the year strong.  Maybe he knows something we don’t?

– What you missed: Arizona Basketball, for the first time since Salim Stoudamire in 2005, hit a buzzer beater to win a game!  The key differences here was Nic Wise’s shot went through the net after the horn while Salim’s still left 0.3 seconds left and also Salim’s was against Oklahoma State in the Sweet Sixteen while Nic’s was against Lipscomb.  Nic followed that up four nights later with an end-to-end layup to beat North Carolina State by 2…. after we were up 8 points with 37 seconds to go.

– What I missed: Amazon’s Kindle.  For the past two years at least I kept saying to my parents that there was no need to get me this device.  I didn’t have a long enough commute to warrant carrying it on the subway, plus I have the Kindle for the iPhone app and thought that was a good substitute.  False.  About 1 hour after it was fully charged I realized how stupid I had been.  If you like books (not love, like) then you must get this.  If you have a long commute or travel a lot, then you must get this. I mean, I could go into everything you can do with it but if you like to read (again, not love, but like) then stop wasting your time and order one here.  You’ll thank me later.

– Finally, my dad’s favorite Christmas song: From the Blake’s to you, Merry Fucking Christmas:

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