Weekly Update.

– Boxing: Like I said, we have a lot going on so expect this to be the lead for some time.

  • Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez put on one of the best performances of the year. Some people think Sergio won (I didn’t), but Williams eked out a majority decision with the scores of 114-114, 115-113, and 119-110. The last one was so utterly absurd that Jim Lampley almost blew a gasket. Again. (HBO)
  • Cris Arreola didn’t cry, just beat the shit out a of poor white boy named Brian Minto. 4th round KO for Arreola. (HBO)
  • Paul Malignaggi fights Juan Diaz on HBO Saturday. Diaz beat him on the cards in Houston (Diaz’s hometown) and Paulie cried foul. The rematch is in Chicago. I hate Malignaggi. Really? You’re a professional fighter who has fought 29 fights and you have 5 KO’s. 5? One-two-three-four-fif! And the trunks he wears always suck.
  • Vitali “Please Stop Calling Me Drago” Klitschko fights on tape-delay in the Malignaggi/Diaz card. Please give Vitali a chance, he’s not just a lumbering foreign white guy with no personality. He moves, he’s fast, he keeps his hands down and still gets off first (that’s what she said), and he’ll knock Kevin Johnson out. OK – so watch for a knockout if nothing else.
  • Also Victor Ortiz, a 22 year old who almost retired after his last fight (honestly), takes on Antonio Diaz in the classic “tune-up” fight for Ortiz. He was in a brutal battle over the summer where he was stopped in the 6th round by Marcos Rene Maidana. You’d want to quit too if you lost to someone with a name that rhymes with Madonna. (In all seriousness, I forgot about Maidana, but the dude is legit and I’ll remember to keep my eye out for him)
  • Mayweather-Pacquiao won’t fight in Dallas. (ESPN)

– BlakRoc album: Take a white, Memphis blues duo (The Black Keys), add in some famous rappers (Mos Def, Raekwon, RZA) and you have a must own album. I could go with a little less Jim Jones though. And by little I mean none. None Jim Jones please. (I would have linked to Amazon because the iTunes album is missing one track, plus Blake loves CDs, but Amazon is not selling it directly).

– COED Magazine: Go here to vote on the schools with the best cheerleaders. Go here to see the World Cup 2010 Draw Results, “Sexy Superfan Edition”. I know nothing about COED but just one look at their homepage and all I saw was hot chicks. Plus they have a column titled “Girls”.

– Harry Reid forgets history: Reid compared those that oppose Health Care Insurance Reform to the same type of people that opposed freeing the slaves and women’s suffrage. Note to Harry: The GOP was the political party responsible for both of those major steps in American History (Republicans had majority in the 39th Congress and the 66th Congress). (Ben)

– Lexus didn’t go global until 2005: Shocking right? Japan and China in ’05, Malaysia ’06, Indonesia ’07, Chile ’08, and the Philippines ’09. (McCarthy)

– Mystery Science Theater 3000 available on Hulu.com: If you ever wondered where Blake got into the habit of “quipping” while watching TV, this is it (yeah, and from you, dad). As I learned from “The Wire” you gotta have testers. So take a taste of “A Date With Your Family (Short)”:

– Fantasy league for nerds: Or extreme fans of the SCOTUS. A fantasy league for the Supreme Court of the United States. (Landis)

– Best free iPhone apps: I like free. Harter there’s probably a list of Droid apps. Somewhere. Not here though. (Gizmodo)

– Just playing: Here Harter, here.  A list of Droid apps for you. (Gizmodo)

– Majority of Americans want legalized pot: According to Angus Reid Public Opinion. (Carpe Diem)

– For every 20 pounds you put on, just get a 1% raise: It’s no surprise chicks love money, but according to some “research” it turns out that your wifeys will overlook that fat you put on as long as you make just a little bit more money. (Wooten)

– Fifa World Cup balls over time: First off, I never knew soccer balls had laces. There’s no second off, just sounded like I should have started with “first off” when talking about laces and balls. (Uni Watch)

– The IIHF unveils Olympic hockey jerseys: Notice the “S” in USA isn’t a flag and there’s no hockey player on the Canadian logo either. Since those are considered club logos and not country logos, the Olympic committee said no way, hoser. (Uni Watch)

– There’s a ghost fleet in the waters of Signapore: Not real ghosts, but a fleet of shipping… ships (tankers? tankers.) hanging out in the waters of Signapore. (The Business Insider)

– Paper batteries: Roll ’em up, son. (Engadget)

– Doom: The chainsaw was the best, but here it is with a boombox and shitty music (yes I know about Rick Rollin’):

– Was gonna post some Tiger crap: But then I figured I’d let Michael Ian Black sum it up: “Unless the next one has a dick, I don’t want to hear any more about Tiger.” (Twitter)

– Spain puts in cool LED sidewalk: LED’s are the future of lighting, so get on them. (Gizmodo)

– Why hasn’t anyone done “Wheel of Fortune: Day After”? You could have contestants in their own living room being asked the name of their one night stand. “Oh man, it definitely had an T.”
“Show me T… Oh, no. No T’s, but you get to spin again.”

– Twitter Update: Completely missed this item last week, but Blake has 24 followers (unchanged from 2 weeks ago). No RTs nor mentions. Rough going out there. Admittedly, my twitter page sucks.

– Tweet of the week: This is actually from last week but this is my update so fuck off. It comes from shitmydadsays which is run by “Justin” who’s a 29 year old living with his dad who’s 73:

“It’s never the right time to have kids, but it’s always the right time for screwing. God’s not a dumbshit. He knows how it works.”

– The Marks’ Financial Update: I’m only going to explain this once. I found real tickers that work for each Marks’ initials. This has been going on for at least 4 years. I am by no means giving out any financial advice, so don’t sue me.

  • MAB – aka Eaton Vance Insured Massachusetts Municipal Bond Fund – Bunk must have had a great lead into Thanksgiving, probably because he agreed to go to White Plains. Then he must have made a fool of himself in front of potential (future?) in-laws because he started sliding that weekend. This week’s been all stop and go as he tries to get back on the winning track.
  • MDH – aka MHI Hospitality Corp. – Harter did something right on December 3rd. Maybe investors knew he wouldn’t be finishing second to last in the Moonti League? Maybe he’s finally putting that Droid to good use? Then investors woke up and realized it’s not an iPhone and he’s not making the playoffs.
  • MFL – aka BlackRock MuniHoldings Insured Investment Fund – I continue to be amazed by this guy’s chart. Since November 13th he’s done nothing but go up… and up… His fantasy team sucks, his apartment building has a “pool in progress”, and … wait a minute. He went out to Brooklyn for a holiday party. Came into the city for the UConn/Kentucky game (a weekday!). Muralo must be out of the asbestos law suits. Sharon is finally getting a paycheck. As they say, the market is never wrong.

– What I missed: MTV’s “Jersey Shore“. Two-thirds of the Marks talked it up on Saturday night, talking about “situations” and shit.  I watched the episode 1 clips and basically had my jaw dropped the whole time.  What.  The.  Fuck.  This is worse than a train wreck.  Harter and Mark Lee seem to love it while Bunk said he was “repulsed”.  Judge for yourself.

– What you missed: “Joe Buck Live” had on Floyd Mayweather Jr (about 35 minutes in), among others. Go here for the “Overtime” section with Floyd and Michael Strahan. I will not hide the fact that I have a huge man crush on “Pretty Boy” Floyd Joy “Money” Mayweather Jr, but suffering through this piece of shit show was killing me. Buck’s hair freaks me out in HD, he sits like a pompous ass, keeps talking like a pompous ass… Skip the Urlacher/Westbrook bit (where he ends every statement/question by saying “Brian” and then the two pause before one of them answers, OK watch it). This would be me imitating Buck: “Now I’m going to read a quote, if you haven’t heard it, but I’m sure you have because it’s pretty topical, but this was said by Hines Ward, phenomenal wide receiver, one of the best in the game, for those that don’t know him, but he said about Roethlisberger, a great quarterback and teammate, Ben Roethlisberger, that he would expect Ben to play, because Ben had a concussion and Ward said that other players have played with concussions and the such.” Blank stares from guests. “So what are your thoughts on that?”

Once you’ve suffered through that, Pedro Martinez comes out to some “Who’s your daddy?” chants, admits he was a Yankee fan as a kid, then mumbles for about 15 minutes. Next up are Floyd and Strahan and it’s actually a good set… because it’s Floyd and Strahan. Buck shows one of my favorite Floyd moments – prior to the 2005 AFC Championship Game, Jim Lampley asks his co-commentator Roy Jones Jr who he likes in the game. Before Roy can answer, Floyd shouts from the ring “I like the Patriots” then lands a clean, solid jab to his opponent’s face. They don’t show it but in another fight Floyd switched to southpaw stance, Lampley said “and for the second time tonight Floyd has switched to southpaw” and Floyd yelled back “third time”. Just more reasons to love and watch Floyd fight.

– Notes on the site: I’ve added my shared feed from Google Reader on the right hand side (semi-sellout) and an email subscription link also to the right (making the left side so lonely).  Got Google Reader? Then follow Blake’s Update.  If you got something people need to be updated on, send it to blakesupdate@gmail.com (if it’s an article you wrote, it’ll be approved by The Marks) or if you can get me to follow you, share it on Reader.  Oh, and don’t forget to hover your cursor over any links in an article here.  Some talk.

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