Weekly Update.

Boxing: A lot going on in the boxing world, starting with Ali Funeka getting screwed out of what would have been a great win.

  • Roy Jones Jr got knocked out by Danny Green (whose quote before the fight was “I won’t name which punch, but there’s one punch, if I hit him clean with it, he is going to be knocked out for a week” – ESPN)
  • Bernard Hopkins beat Enrique Ornelas in twelve rounds with the scores of 120-108, 119-109, and 118-110.  That’s really as much as I want to write about BHop (I hate him).
  • Paul Williams (my second favorite active fighter) fights Sergio Martinez on Saturday (HBO).  Williams is 6’1″ and the heaviest he fought is 159.  They call him the “Most Avoided Fighter”, he’s nicknamed “The Punisher”, and he can beat you outside or inside.  His one loss (he’s 37-1 with 27 KOs) was to Carlos Quintana, who he then knocked out in the first round in the rematch.  He beat Antonio Margarito when Margarito was still using plaster in his gloves.  Every fight, Williams makes it look easy as he’ll lazily jab a few times then just wallop his opponent with a hook to the body.  Fun stuff.
  • Cris “Fat Tits” Arreola fights on the undercard of Paul Williams.  Last time we saw Cris he was crying from being KO’d by Vitali Klitschko.
  • Decent night of fighting on HBO next week as well (Dec 12th), and 2010 is looking to be another stellar year with Pretty Boy Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao agreeing to fight (I was surprised they agreed to split it 50-50 as Mayweather is the bigger draw here – go ahead, try to debate me on that).

– “24/7” branches out: Jimmie Johnson and the lead up to the Daytona 500 will be the focus.  Just give me cool shots, some trash talk, and Liev Schreiber and we’re good to go.

– Susan Boyle now holds UK record for “Fastest Selling Debut Album”: This chick?

– Boyle makes fucking a can look good: It’s called the Fleshlight (Gizmodo).

– BYU Throwbacks: Not bad for Mormons.  The sleeve stripes are called “Northwestern Stripes“.

– Boston College is switching to Under Armour next year (Uni Watch).

– Ochocinco’s iPhone app is free for month of December: If I thought it was worth it for a buck, it’s definitely worth it for free.

– Scientist grow pork in a lab: Though the meat is too flabby and they need to figure out how to “work out” the fake pork (Gizmodo).

– The Droid is still second best: But with the Dolphin browser you can get multi-touch (Engadget Mobile).

– Iron Curtain on Humvee blows up RPGs before they hit (Gizmodo).

– Black Barbie Not Black Enough: Though one parent admits that they are a tough crowd to please – “If they had given the dolls short, kinky hair or an Afro, people might have complained that it was too Afro-centric,” says Nicole Coles, a 40-year-old mother from Temecula, Calif. “We’re so hard and picky.” (WSJ)

– Butterflies hatch in space: And then stop flying (Bloomberg):

– Hockey jerseys that are sweaters: Apparently this is a big argument in the hockey world – is it a hockey jersey or a hockey sweater?  Most today are jerseys but the link uses wool.  No Rangers though so don’t really waste your time. (Uni Watch)

– Uni Watch’s Holiday Guide is on ESPN: Look – I love uniforms, but I don’t like wearing jerseys.  Still, some cool links on there like the Muhammad Ali bathrobe (like you wouldn’t enter the bedroom calling yourself the greatest of all time while wearing this?) (ESPN).

– Yes it’s early, but how great was the 2008 NFL Draft for RBs? (each break is a new round – I was asked this by Money)

4 Darren McFadden
13 Jonathan Stewart
22 Felix Jones
23 Rashard Mendenhall
24 Chris Johnson
44 Matt Forte
55 Ray Rice
64 Kevin Smith
73 Jamaal Charles
89 Steve Slaton
122 Tashard Choice
139 Ryan Torain
149 Tim Hightower
166 Marcus Thomas
172 Thomas Brown
176 Jalen Parmele
179 Xavier Omon
202 Mike Hart
204 Lex Hilliard
213 Chauncey Washington
233 Justin Forsett
238 Cory Boyd

Allen Patrick

– Piss into your golf club: It’s called the UroClub (Ben).

– Live in a hole: Though honestly it’s an extremely nice hole (Fastcompany).

– What you missed: Barack Obama said “others peoples’ children and grandchildren” and I guarantee (GUARANTEE – ok? All caps) that SNL does not rip on him for the slip, even though we’d all be laughing at Bush’s stupidity if he did the same thing.  (I said “we’d all” so yes, I’d laugh at Bush too, which is why I laugh at Obama).

– What I missed: Some female singer named Anya did a slowed down version of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like“.  It sucks and I couldn’t stop laughing to it, though she says to tell “them other broke brothers be quiet”.  The lyric is “niggas” and I feel like we are at the point where white people can accurately cover black songs.  Guess not.  Here’s the real version:

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