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I Hate Monochromatic Uniforms.

There.  I said it.  If you really think that this looks better than this then you should move on.

But if you know that this is better than this, and this is terrible but this looks good, and this is crap but this is classic, then hopefully we should get along.  Monochromatic works in the NBA, NHL, MLB but doesn’t make sense in the NFL (sorry – National Football League, as any announcer on TV would say).  Find me one good monochromatic scheme in the NFL.  Oh.  Well that’s the exception.  All white works, but only if you have a white helmet.  See how much better Arizona looks in blue pants than white?

I’m not sure why teams keep thinking these uniforms are attractive, but that’s why I love the Giants.  We got blue and grey or white and grey.  Whatcha want?


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